How’s Your Behaviour? Are You Invested In Your Customer?

I can’t understand how people who work serving people can sometimes do so without emotionally connecting with their customers.

Have you ever seen this happen?

Have you ever witnessed a person working in a business who really looks like they DO NOT want to be there?

They make no attempt to make eye contact.

There is no facial recognition of the customer.

And they ask no questions of engagement, except to say,

“Would you like a bag?”

It’s downright pathetic.

Most of the time these people are employees of the business.

And they’re simply going through the motions.

They are not attempting to make any connection at all with the customer.

All they want to do is complete their interaction in as short a time as possible.

The employee simply wants to clear the line.

All the employee is hoping for is no more customers.

And closing time.

And yet, as Mary Kay Ash so eloquently put it, everybody out there is walking around with an invisible sign around their neck that reads:

“Make Me Feel Important.”

It is that simple.

As an employee, as a business owner, all you need to do is make sure that you make every person that you come in contact with feel better for meeting you.

Every person.

Every time.

When there is no interaction happening, or worse still, when there is negative emotion conveyed towards the customer so that the customer feels ignored, or belittled, or humiliated, this can only result in a strain upon the customer-to-business relationship.

And that strain applied will result in a tension that can end the relationship, or has the potential to close off the relationship.

And this damage is often irreparable.

I’ve seen loyal customers stop doing business with retailers because of a failure to engage from employees at that business.

Or the customers stop doing business  there because of a perceived lack of respect for the customer’s feelings shown by the employee.

Every action and every interaction in a business between employees and each other and between employees and customers must be purposefully engaging and uplifting for all concerned.

As an employee or as a business owner there is no better way to behave.


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