I Can’t Believe This Business Missed The Boat…

As a business owner, you should never miss the chance to market your business when the opportunity arises.

You know, it just makes great sense.

After all, your customers, and future customers are all in the mood for marketing and celebrating things at certain times of the year and it’s your business’s chance to ride the wave created by others and allow your business to shine.

Conversely, those businesses that fail to identify marketing opportunities can severely miss the boat financially as well as socially when these opportunities present themselves.

For example, we now see Australian businesses marketing BLACK FRIDAY SALES even though Black Friday is actually an American opportunity as it relates to the Friday following Thanksgiving, an American holiday celebration day.

Shamelessly, Australian retail has also embraced CYBER MONDAY as well, which [in America],is the Monday following Black Friday.

But you understand the concept.

With Black Friday Sales, it’s an opportunity for businesses to attract existing and new customers to them by proposing a financial inducement. Because so many businesses are participating in Black Friday Sales, it would be commercial suicide to abstain from participating in offering SALES on that day when the general public are so geared up to be buying.

Valentines’ Day is another day where businesses can “make themselves look good” by sharing the love with their existing and new customers.

In fact on Valentines’ Day, it’s so easy for a business to pamper all female customers with roses and flowers and chocolates and a glass of bubbly.

And when you do these things, your customers notice that you’ve gone that extra distance.

There are so many opportunities…. Grand Finals, Easter, Christmas….

Last weekend, on Sunday January 26th, my wife and I flew home from Hobart to Sydney with Australia’s national airline carrier Qantas.

Qantas is easy to recognise as an Australian business. After all, their emblem is a kangaroo, and the company is nicknamed The Flying Kangaroo.

The name Qantas is actually an acrostic for Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service, reflecting the humble beginnings of the company.

January 26th each year in Australia is a public holiday, recognising the arrival on that day in 1788 of Captain Arthur Philip and the First Fleet [of convicts] who sailed from England to settle in Australia.

It is Australia Day.

However, what was noticeable to my wife and I was that on this day this year, last Sunday, Qantas ground staff in Hobart, and our Qantas flight crew, failed to mention Australia Day.



Nil. Naught.



Duck egg.

We asked our flight attendant about this. [Who by the way was an exceptional server attending to us on this ninety minute flight]

He said, that the crew had not received any instruction to say anything extra about the fact that they were flying on Australia Day.

He did not say whether or not that they had been instructed to make no mention of Australia Day.

To me and my wife, we just think that it was an opportunity lost.

I believe that Australia Day 2020 is a day to celebrate how far our great country has come since the arrival of white settlement 242 years ago.

And yes, sure there are a small percentage [very small percentage] of our population down here who like to label Australia Day as “Invasion Day” because the arrival of the British is seen by some as actually that, but really, the history of the world is really just a series of expansions and invasions by countries and empires and nations.

To me, and to many other Australians, the opportunity to celebrate Australia Day and WAVE THE FLAG, is an opportunity that needs to be taken.

I felt embarrassed and ashamed that my national airline carrier had ignored the opportunity of celebrating my National Day.

I am an Australian, and I am the son of someone who fought for our country.

I am also mindful and respectful of the celebrations of all countries that I visit, and the countries of where my friends around the world reside.

I’m proud to be an Australian and I’m proud to live in this lucky country.

The lack of celebration of Australia Day by a private company that piggy backs itself and makes enormous profits on conveniently exploiting a connection to our country when it wants to, and then chooses to ignore the National Day, well to me that’s heinous.

I think it’s no accident that Qantas has failed to celebrate.

I think that Qantas and its board need to revisit its past, and to celebrate its origins and its connection to Australia.

Not ignore it.


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