“I Don’t Want To Be Selling”

I often have dentists tell me they do not want to be selling to their patients.

They think it is unethical to sell.

But I say they are already selling.

All they are not doing is selling well.

Barbara Corcoran summed it up beautifully:

“Good salesmanship is nothing more than maximising the positive and minimising the negative.” 

Selling to me is the process of helping people to get what they actually need rather than allowing them to choose only what they think they need.

To me it is the duty of every person providing a good or a service that is beneficial to ensure that they get that good or service into the hands of everybody who that good or service will benefit.

Because, if that good or service is so good, and is so beneficial, then it is sinful to NOT do everything in our powers to ensure that everybody we know receive the benefit of that good or service.

And to allow someone to choose not to partake of our good or service offering is negligent on our behalf. Yes, it means we have failed our customer.

We have let them down.

If our product or service is so spectacular, for our customer to NOT partake of that good or service is an act of negligence on our part.

“Oh, they wouldn’t be interested”

“Oh, they can’t afford it”

are two phrases we can really do without hearing….

It is not for us or anybody in our dental office to decide whether or not a patient can afford what we are recommending, or whether or not the patient would be interested in the necessary treatment.

Our role is only to ensure that we do our best to ensure that the patient understands the benefits of what they need, and the consequences to them of not going ahead with their necessary treatment.

And to do that, all we need to do is maximise the positive outcomes of them going ahead with treatment, and emphasise the negative outcomes of failing to act on our treatment recommendations.

Selling it is not.


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