If There Are Holes In Your Delivery, Then You Won’t Be Able To Carry The Price

If you’re going to charge top dollar for what you do, you need to make sure that what you provide is BULLETPROOF when it comes to being above and beyond exceptional.

Because if what you provide is missing in key areas, then it doesn’t matter what else you do well, your customers will always remember that you short suited them in one or more ways.

Recently my wife and I travelled interstate, and as is customary, we chose a recommended restaurant to fine dine at on one of the evenings that we were away.

The service was great.

The food was exquisitely cooked and presented.

And the price of the dinner was up there. In a big way.

But the EXPERIENCE had gaping holes that detracted from the good parts of the evening.

Let me explain:

Firstly, for a fine dining experience, I expect tablecloths.

Especially to cover over laminated tables.

You certainly notice when the linen is missing. And it was missing on this evening.

Secondly, a little bit of bread and oil would certainly go a long way.

It’s not that diners notice the bread.

It is that diners notice the absence of bakery.

And bakery was absent here….

Thirdly, if you’re going to work in fine dining, you need to know the first rule of etiquette of table clearing, and that is, that you do not clear any plates from any course until ALL of the diners at that table have finished the course. At no time should plates ever be removed if one member of the dining party is still eating.

Get the little things right.

If the little things are done correctly, your customers will notice.

But, they will also notice when the little things are NOT being done.

And they will notice those BLEMISHES more if you are charging TOP DOLLAR for the things that you do.

If you want to charge top dollar, you need to create an experience that is indeed watertight when it comes to being ABOVE and BEYOND.

The final note….

My wife chose the duck for main course.

It was cooked exquisitely.

But, for $50.00, there were only five mouthfuls.

If you’re going to charge top dollar, don’t underfeed your customers.

They’ll think they’ve been short suited.

Don’t leave your customers wondering what happened to the rest of the duck…


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