If You Wouldn’t Do It In Real Life, Then Why Are You Doing It In Your Business?

I often hear dental front office staff members talking on the phone to people who have called in to their practice.

And to put it quite bluntly, the conversations are really very WEIRD.

They are weird because the composition of the conversation is something that would never exist in real life.

And yet, for some reason, some of the very fabric of society is discarded when it comes to telephone conversations at a business.

As Julius Sumner Miller used to put it so eloquently:

“Why is this so?”

In real life, you would never conduct a face-to-face conversation for a significant amount of time with someone you had only just met without trying to find out a little about that person who you had just started talking with.

But in business, and in dental surgeries, I hear long conversations between dental staff and first time callers to the practice that end without the caller’s name ever being asked for?

So, for the business, when the caller’s name, and contact details are not recorded, it’s as if that conversation never existed and it’s as if that caller never existed?

Yet in reality, that caller was someone who for some reason had decided that this dental office was a candidate to help them [that caller] solve a dental issue that was significant enough to warrant them picking up the phone and calling about.

Wouldn’t you as a business owner feel that the name and phone number of that caller might be of some interest to you?

Especially when [as a business owner] you’d spent money or created enough interest for that caller to think that your practice might be the place to help them?

Imagine how depressing and upsetting it must be for those poor callers to be let down and not have their problem solved, when they phone your dental practice?

You see, when we find out the name of the person who calls, and use their name back to them [strategically] during any ensuing conversation, it puts us in a position to be able to instantly build better rapport with that caller.

And if we can build better rapport, then we most probably have a significantly better chance of making that caller an appointment.

People do business with people they like, and they trust.

And when, in conversation, we can break down barriers and make people feel at ease, by calling people by their name and repeating their name back to them, then we have a significantly higher chance of securing their patronage and their business.

This is not manipulation.

It is in fact, common decency and common courtesy.

And common sense.

The trouble with common sense is that in reality, its not all that common.

And it is for THAT reason, that only twenty percent of new patient phone calls to a dental practice result in an appointment being made.


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