If Your Dental Practice Is Winging It, You’re In For A Big Shock

I’ve been talking with a lot of dental practice owners during recent weeks who have been telling me that they are busy at their practices.

And a lot of those practice owners a surprised that they are.

You see, as the dental world emerges from it’s Covid-19 inflicted period of restricted dental practice, nobody in the profession was really sure what to expect in terms of DEMAND in the dental marketplace.

A lot of punters had postulated that once the restrictions had lifted, that the public would stay away from dental practices, because they [the public] were going to be wanting to conserve funds and protect their assets.

And, there were those in the profession that thought that the public would stay away from visiting their dentist because they would [wrongly] perceive dental practices as being Covid-19 infested incubators.

And so the thought was, that if the public were to perceive dentistry as an “optional” service, or a LUXURY, then in times of economic uncertainty [along with infection control uncertainty], dentistry would drop down the scale of necessary and essential services.

This has not been the case.

Across the planet, what I’ve seen is that at present there is a glut of patients returning to visit dentists.

So much so, that a lot of dental practice owners are telling me just how over-busy they really are.

And they’re too busy to be learning new skills.

Necessary skills that might be important in helping them to be managing their busy-ness better.

And also skills they will be needing to be managing their supply of dental services when this glut, or flood of patients and dentistry starts to dry up.

And it will.

They’re also too busy to be concerned about spillage, and wastage, of ALL incoming enquiries into their practices.

After all, they’re busy….

The stark reality is this: the current busy-ness that dental practices are experiencing is due to the backlog caused by most dental practices having been closed during the imposed Level 3 restrictions.

Now, as this backlog begins to get serviced, the demand will start to abate.

Only those savvy dentists who understand the forces of supply and demand will be able to maintain and build on  in their practices and benefit from this aberration.

Most practices will not be able to “hold their current line”.

What we will see in the future is that most practices will be sucked back into a vortex.

The savvy dentists out there will fine tune their operations to not only ride out this current wave of momentum, but they will also remain afloat and continue sailing forward.

Are you positioning your practice for this expected downturn?

Mark my words, with unemployment across the western world up well above 10% of the workforce, things are going to be getting a lot tougher for the average dental practice.

The smart dentists out their will be upskilling their teams to have the necessary talents and skills needed to maximise their returns from the supply of patients their practice will be receiving.

And winging it won’t cut the mustard….


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