If You’re Happy, Then You Need To Tell Your Face!

Sometimes people don’t look happy.

They scowl.

They don’t smile.

They look, dare I say it, down in the mouth.

And when we talk to them, they sound unhappy.

They speak and sound as if they don’t want to be where they are.

And more often than not these people look as though the action of transporting them bodily from where they are to another place will not make them any happier.

These people look and act and speak so miserably that they look as though nothing is ever going to change their outlook.

Have I just described someone that you might know?

Have I just described somebody that you might work with, or even employ?

Have you ever encountered someone who looks and acts this way within an employed situation?

Maybe it’s somebody that you have to deal with on a regular basis?

It’s a scary thought.

John DiJulius used to ask people who did not look happy:

“Are you happy?”

To which they would say:


And John would then reply:

“Well, you need to tell your face!!”

I saw Vinh Giang speak live last weekend, and he raised some interesting points.

Vinh said this:

“Your face is the remote control that allows you to inject TONE and emotion into your voice.”

He asked the audience to pull a sad face, and then try to say something happy… it was impossible.

He asked the audience to smile and then try to say something nasty or unpleasant…. also very difficult to do.

And so Vinh said that the action of smiling more frequently and more often was not actually fake, or phony. He said that smiling more often was simply difficult for some people to practice because it was a facial action whose increased frequency of use was unfamiliar to most people.

But he said, it can be done.

Wearing a smile on your face can be a learned behaviour.

In the same way that babies can learn to speak, and children and adults can learn to use more words, the human body can learn to use the muscles of the face more often so that they can smile more often and speak more happily.

Vinh pointed out that a piano [you know, the musical instrument!!] has eighty-eight keys.

Every piano has them.

Eighty-eight keys.

But he also pointed out that most people are only familiar with the middle twelve keys of a piano.

And as he said, the other seventy-six keys are there and are available to be used and played at any time… he said they are not fake or phony keys…. we are, on the whole, just unfamiliar with these other keys and their uses.

And so musicians and those people musically inclined can at any time actually play around with these keys at each end of the piano, and get to know them, and humanise them.

And Vinh said, in the exact same way, if your face can “pull a face”, or smile for instance, then if those muscles that allow us to do that actually do exist, then they can be used and trained.

Just like those piano keys can.

And so the point is this:

If we can train our muscles of our face to smile more often, this will have a positive impact on the tone and emotion in the spoken words that emanate from our mouths.

Training our facial muscles to smile more often therefore becomes an important factor in helping us to convey a more positive verbal image towards those people that we encounter each and every day.

In the dental office, wearing a smile on your face behind a mask, or whilst on the telephone, is just as important as wearing a smile whilst having face to face contact with people, clients, and co-workers.


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