If You’re Not Measuring These Numbers, Your Practice Is Headed Down The Gurgler….

“Everything Works. What we need to do is find a way to make things WORK BETTER…”

Everything in business is about trial and error.

And also test and measure.

Conducting a business without reviewing what is working and what is not working is just foolhardy and stupid.

Trying to “GUESS” and to make adjustments to your business based on a hunch or a “feeling” is crazy.

Yet so many business owners conduct their business in this nonsensical manner.

Turning up to work tomorrow and doing the same thing that you did yesterday and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Analyse your numbers.

Most dental practices have absolutely no idea of their numbers.

These numbers are their Key Performance Indicators [KPIs], and they will provide a snapshot of how your business is performing at any chosen point in time.

Here are the KPIs that I used to look at in my dental practice:

Daily KPIs:

  • Value of Dentistry Produced
  • Daily Collections
  • #New Patient Phone Enquiries taken
  • #New Patient appointments made from those enquiries
  • #Patients cancelling already made appointments
  • Patients leaving following treatment without making an appointment

Weekly KPIs:

  • Value of Dentistry Produced
  • Weekly Collections
  • #New Patient Phone Enquiries taken
  • #New Patient appointments made from those enquiries
  • #Patients cancelling already made appointments
  • #Patients leaving following treatment without making an appointment

What gets measured gets improved upon.

Once we have this data we have a measure of what we are achieving, and with that, we have the ability to look at things we are doing in the dental practice that can change these measurements.

And hopefully those changes we decide upon are for improvement of those numbers.

But without the numbers, we have no starting point.

Collecting the numbers over a period of time will provide us with trends.

Looking at the numbers over time will show us whether what we are doing is in need of improvement, or a change of direction.

Looking at the numbers may show us something that is working well, that we could ramp up for even better results.

The numbers aren’t the whole story…

The numbers don’t tell the WHOLE story, but they do give a significant insight into the results we are getting.

If the numbers are good, we don’t need a story.

But if the numbers are poor, we are often offered up a long list of excuses as to why they are bad.

Usually the numbers will give us a pretty good idea about what is going on.

There’s a reason why they only put little boxes on golf scorecards, and not lines.

And that’s because they only want numbers.

Not stories.

The numbers usually tell the story.

It’s the same in business….


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