In Business, You Need To Walk The Walk

When I first started out in business as a Dentist I needed to find myself an accountant.

A good friend recommended me to a friend of hers, who practiced accounting across the other side of town.

On that first visit, as I was leaving his nice office, the phone rang.

It was late afternoon, and as there was nobody else in the office, the accountant answered the phone himself:


“Thank you for calling M.K. Holton and Associates.”

I could not hear the person on the other end of the phone but here’s what I imagine the caller said:

“Can I speak to Mark Holton please?”

Here’s what went on…

The accountant, Mark Holton, who answered the phone, said:

“One moment please and I’ll get him.”

He then proceeded to tap his foot for fifteen seconds with his hand over the mouthpiece, before talking into the handset and saying:

“Hello. This is Mark Holton. How can I help you?



By the name of the firm, you would have expected that M. K. Holton and Associates was more than an operation of one.

Well it appeared to me that it was not.

And to the caller, well, they may never have known that it was a firm of me, myself and I for Mr. Holton.


Sometimes you need to act a little bigger than you are to get ahead or to get a foot in the door.

Sometimes you need to “fake it until you make it”.

Life is full of stories of people who have pushed the boundaries to obtain an edge.

And with great success…..they’ve assumed a mantle, but then they’ve lived up to that assumption.

Because as sure as eggs, society will not be tolerating any imposters, that’s for sure.

If you can only talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk to back up your talk, well, you’re going to be struggling to be credible in the marketplace.


So you need to make sure that what you do is backing up what you say.

You cannot be a “Do as I say” person if you get busted for not doing.

You need to back it up with reality, not fiction.

And quickly.


Most champion horses are bred from expensive stock and trained by great trainers.

They are raised well, and fed well.

National Velvet was a fairy tale.

Sure, people win the lottery.

But by and large, lottery winners do not graduate to the INC 500 or the BRW 200.

A colleague of mine in the dental industry once told me that it takes ten years to become an overnight sensation in this industry.

And it certainly doesn’t happen overnight.

Especially if you don’t even have an original thought in your head…
I remember the TV advertisement for the Commonwealth Bank MasterCard back in the 1980s….

“Fifty five days interest free?”

I remember 2MMM’s Doug Mulray telling his listeners how excited they were because they had just seen the guy from that same bank’s TV advert lined up in the bank downstairs below the radio station.

Trouble was he was lined up inside a rival bank.

Boom, Boom.


I don’t know what happened to Mr. Holton. A few months later on he sold his accountancy business, and a year after that I started using a different accountant.

In 2014 when new owners took over the Dental Practice that I had sold in 2007 and worked on in, I made the difficult decision to walk away from the business that I had spent more than half of my life in, simply because I saw a conflict between what I had been saying for the previous twenty years, and the direction I was being asked to take, moving forwards.

The actions and behaviours of some of the cast in this scenario were not to the same level of values that I had learned to uphold throughout my life.

Life is really too short to be not living to high ideals.

Are you believable?

Do you believe in yourself?

Or are you simply smoke and mirrors?


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