“In The Play Of Life, There Is No Backstage.”

What are you doing in your business to create lasting memorable positive impressions for your customers?

Swedish businessman Jan Carlzon said:

“Anytime a customer comes into contact with any aspect of a business, however remote, that customer has the opportunity to form an impression.”

It is therefore paramount that the customer only receives POSITIVE impressions when coming into contact with your business.

This thought initiates the NO BROKEN WINDOWS theory… a “broken window”  is a metaphor used to describe the occurrence of something so obviously out of place in a business that has become tolerated and ignored by those working in [and owning] the business, yet is a glaringly obvious defect to someone newly visiting the business.


A “broken window” could be”:

  • A dirty glass door
  • Cobwebs in view
  • Dusty corners
  • Crookedly hung pictures
  • Poorly positioned bins and water coolers
  • Untidy desks
  • An unprofessional greeting
  • A poorly answered phone…


The list can go on…. Easy to see that what becomes routine for us as employees and owners of a business, may be seen by someone visiting us to be glaringly obvious DEFECTS that need rectifying.

Broken windows will create long lasting negative impressions for visitors to your business.

And broken windows are not always physical. They can also be can be actions and behaviours.

Your customers and clients want to be shown respect and attention by your employees working in your business, and will form long lasting NEGATIVE IMPRESSIONS when they receive attention that falls short of their perceived expectations.

For instance, callers who phone your business during business hours and who receive a recorded message to leave their details will hardly feel “valued” when they are told during that message:

“Your call is important to us.”

Yes….. but:

“your call is so important we don’t have sufficient staff available to take your call during normal business hours”

is the message being conveyed.

And it’s a lasting impression, that’s for sure…

Most callers to a dental office who have their call go to a message, usually end the call without leaving a message, and then phone another dental office for what they want.

And what they want is someone to solve their dental concern.

What they do not want is an understaffed dental office pretending that it cares, when it obviously does not care.

I was once told:

“In the play of life, there is no backstage.”

Everything is on show.

All aspects of your business must be on parade, and ready and available for inspection at any time.

You cannot have areas of your business that are “off limits”  to your visitors and customers.

Your business cannot present weaknesses as being acceptable.

It must always be SHOWTIME at your business all the time.

Putting your “best foot forward” at all times is the easiest way to build likeability and rapport with your customers.


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