Is 2017 Your Year For Taking Action?

There will always be people with opinions.

Whether their opinions are valid is another matter.

Some of the most opinionated people I’ve heard of are simply “All Hat and No Cattle”.

They talk the talk but there is no walk to back up their talk.

I recently learned about a motivational speaker who talks on stress management who was seen backstage to be as nervous as heck just before going on stage in front of his audience.

I was horrified when I found out that one of the high-ranking administrating dentists at one Dental Corporate had never owned and run a successful dental practice.

There will always be smoke and mirrors.

Your duty is to always source through the smoke and mirrors.

I always wonder why in the investment world those who are successful investors need to teach others their methods [and earn income from their teaching] if their methods are so successful?

After all, why would they not just keep investing and doing what they’ve always been doing, if it is so profitable?

Especially if it’s intellectual business rather than physical business?

Where there is physical investment of either labour or time, then those are finite rather than infinite commodities.

I see the point of leveraging the intellectual property associated with those.

After all, you can only work so hard?

Or there are only a certain number of hours available in any day….

So why do some quit doing and then start teaching?

While others continue doing and also teach?

And others simply just mouth off, and never amount to anything except hot air?

Some of the people who came to my first dental seminars have gone on to achieve amazing results.

Some managed the information on their own. Others hired me to privately consult with them.

One dentist recently told me that after attending one of my workshops his collections are now fifty percent higher than they were two years ago…. now that’s a handy ROI [return on investment], isn’t it?

Another attendee saw her monthly collections improve 250% in less than two years once she started working with me.

Sadly, I heard this week that one attendee at one of my lectures is flying interstate to work three days per week in an insurance clinic, while still working [and not owning] part time in a private dental clinic the rest of the week…

What went wrong there?

They should be on a better wicket than that?

I guess, some people go into making decisions without making any real commitment.

They’re not willing to burn their boats…as the Romans did when they invaded Britain.


When you commit, when you truly commit, when you burn your boats, there is no going back.

Burning your boats ensures your progress.

Frederick B. Wilcox said:

Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”

It is very easy to sit in the grandstands and do nothing and just keep mouthing off.

When you have a list of goals you have the ability to tick them off and nobody can take those successes away from you.

There’s something to be said about climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and visiting the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, and St Paul’s Dome, and the Great Wall of China.
Not quite the same as looking at postcards?

Not quite the same as yelling at postcards either…

So what are you going to do this year?

Are you going to leap forward and make progress?

Or sit back, and wonder….

The help that you need to succeed is readily available.

What it does not do is it does not magically come to you.

You need to go find it, and engage it….


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