Is Everyone In Your Dental Office Singing From The Same Hymn Book?

Is every employee working in your dental office singing from the same Hymn Book?

What I mean by this statement is are the motivations of each team member congruently aligned with the goals and mission statements of the dental business.

Is the dental business result oriented?

Does the dental business have clear goals and objectives it sets out to achieve each month, or does the practice simply review its performances after the fact?

Or does the business never review its performances?

Are the team members and the owner suitably result driven?

Or are there team members who simply turn up for their pay cheque?

It makes a big difference to the performance of the team and the performances of the business if one or some of the team members are not dually motivated towards the ongoing success of the business.

And that’s a silly situation to be in.

Because a successful business has a more profitable bottom line than an unsuccessful business.

And with more profit, the business can employ more people, it can invest in new infrastructure and equipment, it can attract better clients, and it can remunerate hard working existing employees with bonuses.

And the business cannot do these things if it struggles.

Similarly, great employees can become deflated by non-aspirational owners who simply just plod along from day to day without purpose or drive.

The saddest thing I see in dental offices is valuable personnel trapped in a restrictive environment that fails to recognise and reward their aspirations.

The proper alignment of congruency of business and ownership and employees is needed to guarantee the best result for all concerned.

Correct alignment does not occur by chance.

It occurs by selection and by integrated nurturing with alignment of all towards a common goal.

Clarity is king.

And you need a baseline for important decisions and principles that reflect this clarity.

So many times I see convoluted procedures that totally complicate processes that should really be quite simple.

And often these convoluted processes are developed as a result of what I call a “One in a Hundred Year Flood”.

Sometimes we build the most incredible hurdles and obstacles to our day to day processes just to be prepared for that very rare occurrence that rarely, if ever, occurs.

And these hurdles and obstacles act as the most amazing burdens and handbrakes on the progress of our business..

Often these obstacles are created and imposed by team members who feel threatened by the success of the business and become “challenged” by the rate of growth of their business.

The thing about growth is that it is rarely constant, so it needs to be embraced when it is rapid and it needs to be respected whenever it wanes.

But growth and success rely significantly upon the devotion and motivations that team members have towards their business.

Who is running your business?

Is it being controlled by visionaries?

Or is it being managed by control freaks?


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