Is Inaction Killing Your Business?

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was not so much the words as the advice itself.

I know that may sound kind of strange.

But it was the actual giving of the advice that harboured the gold rather than the gold being in the “actual” advice itself.

How could that have been?

Here’s what happened…

The advice I received initiated action.

Had I not received the advice, I’d have probably just stayed put.

Sometimes the action initiated is different to the the action recommended.

But it’s the stimulus to get going, to begin the machinations, that is the catalyst for great things.

Have you ever experienced this in your own life?

Has someone ever told you to do something, and you’ve begun with that intention in mind, but at the end of it all you’ve achieved something more remarkable by actually doing something else?

In January 1987 I bought my Dental Practice.

And to do so I had to sell off everything I owned to scrape together the twenty five percent deposit required so that I could borrow the remaining seventy five percent at a King’s Ransom.

In September 1987, a dentist friend of mine told me that he had been looking at buying an apartment, and said to me that he thought that I was probably in a position to be able to buy one too.

A couple of weeks later, while walking to my Office after dropping my car in for service, I noticed in a Real Estate Agent window two apartments listed for sale.

To cut a long story short, I ended up inspecting both apartments that very same day and then buying one of them.

After living there for twelve months, I successfully sold that apartment a year later at an eighty percent premium, thanks to a bull market.

Tax free.

As for my friend?

He never bought…..

He didn’t act on his own advice….

He missed the boat.


In the mid nineties, my accountant advised me to start a self managed superannuation fund and to begin making contributions, because the government concessions back then were very attractive.

And so I did, despite the fact that I probably could have done with that money in my own pocket rather than having it locked away in a retirement fund.

And I made regular contributions….and invested wisely as well.

The end result?

At age forty eight I was well on the way to a comfortable retirement as a result of taking action and not just waiting.

Or delaying.

I have other friends who didn’t take advantage of the generous concessions for superannuation back then who are now looking at significantly smaller retirement fund balances as a result of inaction.

The thing about taking action is it stimulates movement.

It’s easier to change course of a moving vessel than it is to initiate primary movement of a stationary vessel.

When I talk to dentists about practice improvement, they know they need it, yet they delay, and defer and put off beginning their change.

And in so doing, they damage themselves down the track.

Because when nothing changes, nothing changes…

Little hinges swing big doors.

Small changes now result in big changes down the track.

We know that making an extra $50.00 a week payment on your home loan starting from day one of your mortgage dramatically impacts on shortening the term of the loan.

And starting at day one dramatically shortens the loan more than if we were to start making those extra payments after five years.

Flip that graph upside down and you’ll see the impact on your practice of making changes from tomorrow rather than waiting five years until the time is supposedly right.

Or righter?

Or more right?

Stumbling on with your practice with no advice is worse than beginning now with some advice.

None of us are smarter than all of us.

And taking advice from those who’ve done it is smarter than taking advice from those who’ve never done it.

Yet that’s what a lot of people do.

They seek the opinion of their spouse, of their brother, or their brother -in-law.

Or of their staff!!

Despite the fact that they might have received an excellent professional opinion from someone well qualified.

Remember there’s a reason that ninety five percent of dentists can’t afford to retire when they reach the age of sixty five.

It’s because they listen to the wrong people.

And they fail to take action.

I love my father.

But he was never a risk taker.


I was happy to take calculated risks.

To borrow when I thought the time was good.

And to speculate.

Now rather than later.

It was the taking of the action that contributed greatly to the success of my achievements.

Is your inability to take that next vital step holding you back?

Have you already heard what you need to do yet you’re still waiting for the time to be absolutely right?

Last year in May I visited a Dental Practice that had significant functional issues.

They didn’t act upon my advice.

Thirteen months later I see they’re still having staff issues.

Lack of action leads to lack of results.

Find a mentor.

Someone whose advice you respect.

Do what they say.

Don’t just think about it….

otherwise your ship will sail.

And you’ll be left on the dock.


What if….


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