Is It Time For Your Dental Office Business Health Check?

I’ve been reminded this week by a few instances that dentistry and owning a Dental Office is a business and not a hobby.

As such, there are decisions that need to be made in business that are going to have to be made.

With tough love.


There will be times at the Dental Office where we have to do what’s best for the business, and this may not be what is best for some or all of those individuals involved with the business.

There will be times when reality has to overrule fantasy and imagination.

And overrule any ignorances.

I’ve seen businesses with so much potential go wasted because the owners have not wanted to keep employees accountable. I know of one practice that’s producing nicely but could still ramp up its production about thirty five percent with the introduction and implementation of measuring simple metrics.

And in so doing those measurements they would be creating an accountability for those numbers.

Sure, as it is, it must be a very nice way to practice, to just glide along on a wave….

But the way I see it, it’s like owning a Ferrari and never leaving the gated community.

It’s a waste of potential.

I’ve seen other Dental Offices where the staff have ever so slowly taken liberty after liberty after liberty in such a way that the original parameters and systems are a bygone memory only compared to the situations that those Offices have now found themselves in.

And its when this gradual slippage occurs that we realise that the business is now operating to suit some of the employees, maybe, and not, as it should be to be looking after the best interests of the business and of its customers.

Because a business operating in spite of itself is not a healthy specimen, really. It’s just chugging along on three cylinders, rather than sailing along full steam ahead with all pistons firing in harmony.

And in this sort of situation, the business could really be hanging by a thread if the way things are being done aren’t changed.

In these interesting times, there can be no coasting.

In Australia, with the large increase in the number of graduates from newly formed Universities and also the large number of overseas trained Dentists now being given licenses to practice, competition for the dental dollar has never been so steep.

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get easier for some time.

Throw on top of that the corporatisation of dentistry as well, and its impact on private practice, and you realise that only those practices that take control of their destiny with both hands will truly be successful in the long run.

The others, who hang in there, will only have bought themselves a poorly paid job in their own self-employed world…

Where they may not even like their own boss so much…

Despite these thoughts of peril in our future, there will always be people out there who will be willing to spend good money on our services because they believe our services are extraordinarily worth it.

I heard just recently, that in society across the board there will always be twenty to twenty five percent of people who will be happy to pay for a service without even wondering what the competitors charge, because they believe that those services represent exceptional value.

And this is why there is always a Four Seasons Hotel.

This is why there are always Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

Through good times and through bad.

As a dentist you need to do what you need to do to stand out head and shoulders above your competitors.

And that means running your business to its best capabilities. Like the well-oiled machine you know it can be.


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