Is Poor Timing Killing Your Dental Business?

Most dentists know sweet not much about timing.

Very few know how to run efficiently to time.

They either run late, and abuse other people’s time, or they waste time, and abuse their own time.

And it’s not a fine line.

It’s two sides of a fence.

Nobody likes to be kept waiting.

And nobody likes to feel rushed, either.

It’s just downright rude to run late and keep people waiting.


Yet some dentists never run to time.

A friend of mine’s father used to say:

“If you’re not fifteen minutes early, then you’re late!”

And that pretty well sums it up.

Yet I still see, and hear of dentists who are late back from lunch, who are late into work, who are always running behind.

And playing catch-up.

Day in and day out.

And then…there are those who don’t know how to present their time.

They allow too much time for things.

So that they waste time, in sections, all throughout the day.

Mainly they’re wasting their own time.

But it’s a waste of their own potential.

Because once time is gone, it’s gone forever.


To do the best we can in business we need to manage time better.

We need to strive for perfection when it comes to time.

Last Sunday night in Brisbane, my wife and I dined out.

On this occasion, our time was very poorly managed.

To the detriment of the restaurant.

Our order for dinner was simple. A pre-dinner drink. An entrée [starter course]. A main meal. And a glass of red wine to follow the pre-dinner drink.

Should be simple?


No. No.


Pre-dinner drinks arrived promptly.

Followed very closely by the entrée [starters].

So closely, that only a sip of the pre-dinner drink was in fact, pre-dinner.

The rest of the pre-dinner drink was a with-dinner drink.

And no sign of the red wine.

Once the starter course was consumed, there was still no sign of the red wine.

The main meal servings arrived next.

And very quickly.

So quickly, that the whole meal was served and eaten in about forty to fifty minutes of our arrival.

And we probably took ten to fifteen minutes to be seated, to get comfortable, and to review menus before placing our orders.

Now I must point out that the food was superb.

It was fresh, it was al dente.

It was truly wonderful.

It just simply was not well spaced and planned out.

And when it feels this rushed, you feel almost violated….

How are things at your practice?

Are things being rushed and hurried?

When sometimes there’s no need for it to be that way?

Are things rushed and hurried when indeed, there is no need for urgency at all?

Is the rushing and the hurrying of some, at you Dental Office, detracting from the efforts and contributions of others?

At the restaurant, the spacing of the meals, the timing, the intervals at which they arrived, completely detracted from the quality of the cooking and the service skills of our wait staff.

Is it the same at your Office?

Are some people’s paces and speeds, when dealing with patients, detracting from the great work of others who are creating a “relationship” with our clients?

Are your Dental Assistants rushing your patients so that all they remember is the rush to get in and out of the treatment room, and not the “feeling” of relaxed that they felt in your client lounge, prior to their treatment?

Or is your doctor machine-gunning out his treatment plans and protocols in such a rapid-fire way that your check out concierge is being forgotten for all of her compassions and her courtesies?

Take a good look around at your total processes at your practice.

Is there congruence across your office, so that your customer experiences a total experience?

An Ultimate Experience?

Or is it simply a collection of individual cells, or stages?

With no connection.

With no commonality?

Because your patients will notice the incongruence….


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