Is Simplification The Answer To Your Problems?

I’m a little out of kilter writing this blog because I’m in a lounge at Cleveland Hopkins Airport on my way home from a fabulous trip to the US.

On this trip I’ve attended two meetings, one an annual conference and the other a special meeting of marketers.

Along with those meetings I’ve managed to visit with my good friend Dr Ron, and I’ve also enjoyed an evening meal with one of my clients and his wife.

I’ve also used the visit to connect and reconnect with significant international contacts and friends that I often only see virtually.

You could say that the trip has been a success on many counts.

The important thing to take from this is the fact that there are many doors along our journey that we can swing open and keep open as we travel the roads of life.

You never ever know who is going to want to connect, and when they are going to want to connect.

And it seems pointless and futile to travel life’s roads without an open mind that the pennies are going to drop into place during that journey.

Over the past three days I’ve been attending a [non-dental] marketing education event in Cleveland Ohio.

My mind is still spinning because of all of the awesome information that I have learned and gleaned at this meeting.

It was a great opportunity to network and share with non-dentists, as well as Dentists, who were attending the meeting.

It really was a meeting of the cream of the cream in marketing.

One of the subjects discussed that really hit home to me was the discussion concerning the Power of the Reduction of Variables.

Sometimes in business, and as Dentists in general, we tend to try to complicate and make complex those systems and processes that need to be kept simple.

To our own detriment.

Sometimes it is about simplification.


The Fewer the Variables, the More Valuable the Business

Sometimes we as Dentist owners like to just try and complicate our own processes for the sake of complication.

Yet reduction in steps, reduction in processes, may in fact be the key we need to succeed.

Complication may produce a better result for our top producers, but may indeed be inhibiting our bottom producers to the detriment of our business.

A streamlining of processes and protocols may result in a dramatic increase in performance by our more challenged team members, and with that, we will see our floor raised to a better more productive level.

The reduction in contrast between our top performers and our lower performers will result in a more productive and more unified team, far more than if we left them to their own devices.

Because our attempt to “narrow the gap” is so successful, we see an instant improvement.

To the whole team.

Now sure, there will always be those over-achievers that we employ who will always want to go Above and Beyond at every opportunity.

Reduction in variables will not affect their businesses.

What it will do will be that it will create a more simplified approach towards the way we deal with and manage our crises situations, especially for our challenged team members.

The results to us, as a result of this simplification, can be dramatic.

It reminded me of the story I heard more than twenty years ago, about the insurance company that dropped all its complex sales scripts in favour of the simplistic:

“You wouldn’t be interested in any insurance, would you?”

And sales went up!

Ask yourself this:

Are you, as a Dental Business Owner, creating unnecessary complex hurdles, that are holding back the majority of your team?

Could simplification of processes be the answer you need, to allow your business to advance to a higher level?

There’s a thought…


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