Is Someone In Your Office Talking Bad About Your Customers?

Sometimes, to receive great service, you have to be a good customer.

And there’s nothing wrong with being a good customer.

What you give out comes back to you.

Often, in spades.

However, in your business, there has to be a respect shown towards customers.

I attended a non-dental marketing Summit over the previous three days.

One of the presenters mentioned that in his company he has a zero tolerance for employees who engage in bad talk about the customers.

And I like that.

Customers, patients, clients come in all shapes and sizes.

And pay us money for our services.

And with that transaction there has to be a level of respect.


By us.

Towards them.

How are things in your Dental Office?

Do you hear staff members discussing your patients in a negative way?

“He walks funny”

“He talks funny”

“She dresses poorly”

These are judgments our team members should not be saying, let alone be thinking.

The only thoughts our team members should be thinking towards our patients are:

“How can I be impactful today on Mrs. Smith’s day?”

“How can I make Mr. Brown’s visit today better for him than it was last week when he was in?”

“What can we do today to make Mr. Jones say ‘WOW! These people are different!’”

If we don’t think in this manner then we won’t create a Point Of Difference.

We won’t create a palpable difference between us and anybody else out there doing business.


And if that’s the pond of mediocrity we choose to swim in then our business will be subject to the tides of that pond.

And the tides of that pond will be influenced mainly by price alone.

Because everything else in that pond is same same.

Rise above the pond.

Be the difference in your customers’ days.

Not same same.

Because same same is vanilla.

The number one reason that most of our valued patients leave our Dental Office and seek treatment elsewhere is because of apathy and perceived apathy from our staff and team towards those valued customers.

The best way to remove that perception of apathy, be it real or false, is to go out of our way to be the Point of Difference in the days of our clients and customers.

But Points of Difference don’t just magically happen.

They need to be created.

And worked upon.

And practiced.

So that they become a regular part of our days.

By having an awareness, in ourselves, that we do indeed need to be “putting in an effort” we do do exactly that.

And so the opposite is true too.

If we are not putting in an effort, if we are simply going through the motions, then we slide into that vanilla state of same same mediocrity.

And if all we’re dishing out is vanilla, or less, then who’d blame our patients from looking for something different?

After all, they can easily go down the road and be treated just as shabbily for a lot less money?

Who wants to live and operate in that sort of world?

If better is possible then why not strive for it?

Your customers will indeed notice the difference.

Be the Point of Difference in their day.

Go out of your way to Make Their Day.

It’s worth it!


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