Is Someone On Your Team Offering Up Less Than Best?

If you Google the words “Lay Down Sally”, what you find, surprisingly, on the page one results, is that half the results refer to the famous 1977 Eric Clapton song, and half the results refer to an Australian Olympic rower.


In the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Women’s Eight Rowing Final, an Australian rower stopped rowing and dropped her oar, allowing it to drag, and laid back in the lap of the team mate that she sat in front of.

The Australian team finished last.

The Daily Telegraph reported: “She quit.”

During the race.

She let her teammates down.

In a team sport, where players, team members need to be physically and mentally able, this rower dropped her oar.

What’s it like in your Dental Office?

Do you have team members there who are dropping their oars?

Do you have team members in roles that they are not physically and mentally fit for?

Do you have team members who fall short of the standards needed to perform optimally?

It’s a wonder really…

I see it time and time again.

Dental Offices with so much potential that keep on underperforming and underperforming.

Because there are employees in those Offices who are either unwilling to perform or are unable to perform.

Perform optimally.

Just turning up and going through the motions is not good enough.

Our patients do not deserve *Less Than Best*.

And we should be embarrassed totally to be even associated with a Less Than Best Effort.

Who wants that on their CV?

We’ve all worked with someone who only goes through the motions.

And if its horrible to work alongside a “flat-backer” like this, just imagine what its like to be a customer receiving their bare-minimum service?

Would you be a repeat purchaser?

Having team members like this in your line up does nobody, and I mean nobody at all any favours.

The business loses, gaining a reputation.

The customer loses. Less Than Best is not an Experience to write home about.

The business loses, because the customer does not return, and not only do they not return, but they also tell eleven people about their Less Than Best experience.

If you have a Less Than Best employee on your team, you need to address their performance immediately.

Because if you don’t, and you let that under-performance go unchecked, it brings the whole place down to their level.

And who wants or needs that?

The Less Than Best attitude may be coming from any of the team.

Front Office.

Dental Assistants.


And sadly, even Dentists.

And Owners.

When you identify Less Than Best in your Dental Organisation, you must address it immediately.

It may be that the underperformer is doing so because of lack of training and education?

And if that’s the case, then the best training *IS* available out there to lift this team member to the desired level.

However, if lack of motivation is behind the Less Than Best performance, then sometimes, for the sake of team, for the sake of the Business, we need to replace that team member.

Can you imagine how the other seven women in that boat felt, when they saw their team member stop rowing?

Can you imagine how a nation felt, how let down the country felt, that someone expected to “go the distance”, did not?

Don’t ever allow your Dental team to be in a situation where someone lets the team down….


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