Is Your Dental Business Well Balanced?

We are all given the same twenty-four hours each day.

How each of us uses that twenty-four hours determines our worth to the market.

It’s all about time management.

Be you Warren Buffet or Neville Nobody, you have the same twenty-four hours.

When I look at dental offices, I see a lot of them operating with no structure to their days.

And that means there is no structure to their weeks and months and years as well.

Let’s reverse engineer the dental day.

I’d like to think that a dental office knows how much revenue it needs to collect each year to pay expenses, to remunerate it’s dentists and staff and to repay loans and to make a profit.

Once we know that figure, it is simply a matter of dividing that figure by fifty to determine a weekly collection number that needs to be achieved.

Once we have that number we can further divide that weekly number by four or five or whatever to determine a daily revenue that needs to be collected.

From this number, we can then work out what sort of procedures need to be performed each day to achieve this daily collection number.

This is what I did.

I did not want to rely on hope.

I did not want to get to the end of my week or the end of my month and see whether or not I had made my target.

I wanted some predictability to my income.

I also wanted to create some consistency to my income.

I wasn’t a big fan of creating unpredictable peaks and troughs in my practice collections.

So with this daily number in mind, I was able to reverse engineer my days so that the procedures I performed each day created a balanced income for the practice to budget around.

I had a patient who was a District Court Judge, and as I farewelled him one morning after his early morning dental appointment and wished him a good day, he said:

“Of course I will [have a good day] David…. I’m in control”

I see a lot of dental offices where the dentists are NOT in control of their daily schedule.

And so their schedule runs their day, instead of them running their day.

To me this makes no sense.

I used to hate those days where I worked my tail off doing the “rats and mice” sort of dentistry all day for little or no financial reward.

And I also thought it rather stupid to be collecting big on one day each week doing high end restorative, only to be grinding myself into the ground another day dealing with the rats and mice for no reward.

A balanced appointment book creates a well-balanced mind.

And once we have that balance each day, it is then that we can look at ways of increasing our efficiencies to achieve better outcomes each day.

This is how I made the plan that made the changes.

There’s no point trying to improve performance when you are starting from disorganization and rabble.

You need structure.

And from structure, big things are possible…


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