Is Your Dental Office “Zero Risk” Ready?

Last week I wrote about Service Recovery processes in your Dental Practice.

On top of having exemplary Service Recovery procedures and systems, the truly World Class Dental Practices also work on a philosophy of Zero Risk.

Zero Risk is a physical state that we strive for and must achieve with all of our Service Recoveries in our Dental Office.

Does your Dental Practice follow the “Zero Risk” philosophy?

Put simply, “Zero Risk” addresses an intimidating array of issues that have the potential to produce unhappy customers, yet those issues may not always be the fault of our Dental Office.

It makes sense then that having a Zero Risk philosophy in your Dental Office is essential in order to create those WOW! Experiences for your patients that result in them become customers for life.

What does Zero Risk look like in a Dental Office?

What does it look like to your patients?

As a patient of an Ultimate Patient Experience Dental Practice offering World Class Service, our clients and customers and patients have a sense of security when they deal with us that should ever any little thing not go to plan, that we, as their Dentist, will make it right, regardless.

Thus, our Dental Office is Zero Risk to deal with.

Zero Risk for your Dental Office is having all your team members fully aware of the potential common service defects that can arise at any stage in the Patient Cycles and visits to your Office, and having the team trained and empowered to provide seamless World Class Service Recovery if and when any defects do arise.

Without ever apportioning any blame towards the patient or a third party supplier or vendor.

I’ve told the story before about when I was in practice and the time that I was called to my front office when a new patient, who I had just finished treating, was questioning the fee for the treatment he had just received at his first visit with me.

This patient said to me, when I arrived at the reception office, that he had not been told about how much his treatment was going to be, and as such had been surprised by my actual fee.

As the treating dentist, I had assumed that he had been given costing options and fee estimates when he had made his appointment over the phone, as this was our regular process.

And I’m not sure whether this patient was chancing his luck or whether indeed he had not been informed, but what I had to do then and there was to initiate the Zero Risk protocols as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And so here is what I said to him:

“I apologise. Normally every patient that I treat has been given an idea about what our fees will be, and it appears that in your case our process has let you down.

“So here’s what I’d like to do for you.

“I’d like you to pay me whatever you believe my treatment for today is worth….


The patient was surprised.

This is because the patient was looking for an argument…

And so I repeated to him exactly what I had just said:

“I apologise. It appears that our processes have let you down.

“Pay me whatever you believe my treatment today is worth.


And I left it with my receptionist.

Zero Risk.

It may not be our fault, but because it is our patient, it is our problem, and fixing that problem seamlessly for our patient without seeking to apportion any blame is our responsibility as a World Class business.

And so your Dental Office will become known as a business where there indeed exists a Zero Risk to do business with you…

And that’s a very very nice way to be.

And it’s a very nice way to be known and spoken about in your community.


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