Is Your Dental Practice A Commodity Or An Experience?

Take a look at your dental practice.

Are you selling a commodity or product?

Such as dentistry?

Or are you selling your customers an EXPERIENCE?

An Ultimate Patient Experience?

Some dental practices are always concerned that the prices that they charge need to be competitive and need to reflect the economy of their community.

Other dental practices do not care what their neighbours are charging for their dental services and these practices then bill their customers based upon the EXPERIENCE that the practice provides.

Who is correct?

Well the answer is:

“It’s complicated.”

But it is also quite simple. When it comes to receiving services, twenty to twenty-five percent of the population out there do not care what the competition is charging for the services that they are receiving because they are more than happy with those services and they would not bother to change service provider no matter what.


The chap who mowed my front lawn at my previous home did such a wonderful job and took such pride in maintaining my lawn that I never ever even wondered what my neighbour across the street was paying to his guy.

Because the service I received from my guy was exemplary.

[He actually posted photos of my lawn on Instagram!]

Do you know anyone who has a similar relationship with a service provider?

A doctor?

A nail lady?

A hairdresser?

These great relationships show that it is not the commodity that is being traded here.

It is about the service and the experience that the customer receives that has seen the relationship transcend from purely being an exchange of money for goods, to being something more visceral, and deeper.

Pareto knew best.

Pareto said that twenty percent of your efforts will result in eighty percent of your outcomes and that the remaining eighty percent of your efforts will result in only twenty percent of your outcomes.

So doesn’t it then make more sense to be focusing on creating a business that attracts more of those top twenty percenters and attracts less of those eighty percenters?

Because it is often those bottom eighty percenters who produce one hundred percent of your dramas.

Have you ever been worried about whether a client thinks that your fees are too high?

Let me tell you about my driveway…

When I built my last home in 2002, it took on and off about twelve months to landscape the property from the back fence to the street.

And this is the usual direction that landscapers work.

So when it came to the paving of my driveway towards the end of their tenure,our landscapers, Argyle Landscapes, who we affectionately nicknamed Plus, Plus, and Plus, presented us with a costing for the paving job.

Which we thought was a little bit heavy.

So we sought out other prices from other paving companies.

And when we presented those other quotes to our landscapers, and asked them why there was a significant difference, the answer came back:

“Because we’re Argyle.”

So now what were we to do?

Long story short, we decided to have Argyle do the driveway paving.

They had already done an exemplary job paving our backyard pool and outdoor areas, as well as our front portico and front stairs.

The result?

A superb job that stood the test of time.

[Our driveway had a 1:4 incline. So the job needed to be done well.]

Was it money well spent?


And the moral to the story is:

If you know that you provide an exceptional product with exemplary service, then you put yourself and your business into the position where you can bill your clients differently because they won’t be as conscious about the price.

It will always be about the service and the EXPERIENCE.

Aldo Gucci said:

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.”

The Marvel of La Giostra

I’d like to share with you the story about my family dinner at La Giostra restaurant in Florence Italy, in 2011, where at the completion of our meal, the host had asked whether my wife and I would care for an after-dinner drink, on the house?

Well how could we refuse his generosity?

What followed then was an act of even greater generosity….

My wife asked for a Limoncello and I said I would like a Johnny Walker Black Label. The host returned, but not with two drinks, but rather with a bottle of each beverage and two glasses, and told us to have as many glasses as we cared to enjoy.

On him.

Can you imagine how many times I’ve retold this story?

Can you imagine how many other patrons there are who have experienced this generosity and have told and retold the same story?

Do the math…. there is significant profit to be made by charging $12.00 for a 30mL portion from a 700mL bottle that costs the restaurant maybe $50.00 wholesale to buy?

But free drink?

Really, who is going to go overboard and drink more than one or two free glasses at the end of a great meal?

In fact, if every diner had two glasses at the end of the night, one bottle would serve twelve diners.

So for a fraction over $4.00 per diner, do you think giving away a couple of after dinner drinks is a great investment?

Imagine the amount of repeat business this act of generosity creates? And then again there are the referrals created as well…

Like I said, can you imagine how many times I’ve retold this story?


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