Is Your Dental Practice Offering All Of Your Patients A Variety Of Affordable Payment Choices?

In dentistry, patients who fail to go ahead with and fail to complete their necessary diagnosed treatment do so for a number of reasons.

And one of those reasons is money.

Money is not THE ONLY reason.

But money and affordability is a significant and valid reason, and as a valid reason, it cannot be ignored.

There will always be patients who will want to have their dental treatment done, but cannot see a way of paying for that treatment.

Helping these patients to be able to have this necessary treatment done now rather than later or never, is one of the very important duties our dental practices has to do.

When our patients delay or postpone their treatment, for whatever reason, the one thing that is for certain is that their dental conditions will only worsen because of that delay.

Time is their enemy.

Necessary dentistry cannot be viewed in the same way as tidying up the spare room or the garage… our patients cannot simply close the door and return at some undetermined point of time in the future expecting things to be exactly how they left them.

As time goes by, cavities get bigger, pockets become deeper, tartar continues to build up, and alveolar bone recedes…

It’s a fact of life.

As a dentist, you need to be asking yourself these questions:

How many of your patients do not go ahead with treatment because those patients believe they cannot afford the treatment and care?

When your patients do not go ahead with the treatment they need, how much production and profit is walking out of your dental practice front door because these patients believe their treatment and care is unaffordable to them?

Does your practice offer all your patients a variety of payment choices and options?

Are your patients aware of the payment choices that are available to them out there in the community?

The thing is this:

If you believe your treatment plan for your patient is what is best for that patient, and is what they need doing NOW to improve their dental health, then it is YOUR DUTY to do everything you possibly can to help your patient have that necessary treatment done as soon as possible, without delay.

You owe it to your patients to give them every OPPORTUNITY to find an affordable way to pay for the dentistry they are needing.

Every one of your patients MUST be given every opportunity to learn about the various ways available to them to help them pay for their dental treatment.

And once they know and understand their financial options and choices, it gives your patient the choice of being able to go ahead with their treatment.

Patients know that GOOD DENTISTRY costs money.

It’s your duty to help your patients work out the best way for them to be able receive the dentistry they need.

When you provide your patients with more options for them to choose from regarding payment for their treatment, what you will find is that you will have more patients accepting and beginning treatment, rather than delaying or postponing the care that they are needing.

And that’s a WIN-WIN for all.


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