Is Your Dental Practice Performing This Easy And Simple Point Of WOW!! Each and Every Day That It Can?

Recently I came across a list of activities needing to be performed in a dental practice.

This list was a list of activities that would differentiate the practice that performed these tasks as being exceptional when compared to other dental offices around that do not bother to perform any of these tasks of differentiation.

However, after listing these tasks, the excuse was given:

“Your Dental Practice Is Too Small!”

The implication was that if your dental practice is small, it need not bother doing these tasks, because the practice’s [lack of] size is in fact a deterrent to prospective patients attending, and therefore any attempt to create a positive point of difference for the small practice would indeed be a waste of effort and time.

The implication from the list of tasks was that they would only be noteworthy for a larger practice to perform, and that smaller practices need not bother.

How wrong that implication is….

The tip on this list that stood out to me as being unnecessary for small dental offices to do was this one:

“It’s too small for the dentist to do personal welcome calls to all new patients.”

When the dentist phones each new patient in advance to welcome them to the practice ahead of time, and to thank them for making their appointment with his office, and to ask if there’s anything in particular that they are looking to have done, this is such a WOW FACTOR for each and every new patient who receives one of these calls.

Because simply, no other dental practices out there are bothering at all to make one of these types of phone calls.

And that in itself creates an AMAZING point of difference for your dental practice in your local market place.

Imagine your new patient at work saying to a co-worker:

“You’ll never guess who just phoned me? I’ve got a dental appointment next Monday at a new dental practice, and the dentist there just called to personally welcome me to the practice!”

And of course, the co-worker says:

“Gee, my dentist never does things like that….”

Make your dental practice stands out from the others.

Be on the look-out for easy to do points of WOW!! that your dental office can easily perform.


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