Is Your Dental Practice Website Designed To Impress Dentists? Or New Patients?

This week I stumbled across a Dental Practice Website that was just so wrong on so many levels.

It was different from most of the *WRONG* websites I have seen.

Most of the bad practice websites I see out there look like they have been put together by a second grader on a DOS platform…with a template from the seventies and photos with very poor resolution.

This WRONG website that I viewed this week had been done very professionally.

But it had been written by the dentist to impress other dentists.

Not to impress prospective patients.

In fact, the website was far from patient focused…

Let me tell you about its good points.

1. The Home Page offered a free report.

This is an important function of a Dental Website. The website needs to be able to collect data, like name and email addresses of visitors, so that the practice can keep in touch with people who have an interest in the services of the practice, yet may not schedule an appointment.

The offer of a Free Report of interest is a great way of capturing that data and is an easy way of making your practice stand out amongst your competitors.

And you need to have a point of difference.

A Free Report on something of interest is a great way to differentiate your practice.

2. The website had a professionally made video, that appeared on the home page.

The video’s content was questionable. I’ll mention the content later.

3. There were no other good points

Let me tell you what this website did wrong:


The practice website was all about the Doctor. It was hardly focused on attracting patients.

At all!


One page, the ABOUT page, spoke about the Doctor, and then had nine sub-categories about the practice that began with the word “we” followed by two final categories that spoke about “our”.

There was no mention at all about “you”, the patient.

And sadly, there was no mention at all about any team members on this page.

No photos of team.

No names of team.

The section About the Dentist only told me all the societies he was a member of.

It did not mention any human-being characteristics.

It did have a photo of the dentist…

The Frequently Asked Questions Page contained even more Me-Me-itis… the philosophy of the practice, quality of the care team, the gifts and talents of those providing you care?

Really these are *Frequently* asked questions?

Who asks these questions?

And still no photos or names of the Team members?

Finally, the video.

The video on this website drew my attention because it displayed with a mid stream still image of the dentist standing in a room full of articulators and with an articulator in his hand.

The average patient would be saying, “What is this?”

Is this doctor the Steve Irwin of articulators?

And this video image was right there on the home page!

The video story line was long, and far from patient-centric. It looked as though it was made to impress other dentists…

A reel of still images of professionally shot photos of the comforts in the facility interiors would have gone a long way towards appealing to the prospective new patient.

So what should a Dental Website really have?

For starters, the most visited page on the Dental Office website is the About The Team page.

The About The Team tab should be easily found on your Home Page header, right beside the Home tab.

And no separate About The Dentist page..

Enough said there.

The public wants to know that you are real and your team are real.

Real people.

They want to know what your team do and enjoy in their spare time.

Including you, doctor.

They want to see faces, not mug shots.

And they want to see group photos of the team in fun and relaxed situations in the office.

Not straight-line stuff with the tallest in the middle.

You can really impress visitors to your site by having your photos professionally taken with a touch of glamour to them. It really shows the public that you value your team.

But most importantly, the public want to know what kind of person you are, and what you like to do.

Not how many courses you’ve taken, and how many societies you belong to.

Your Home Page should be quick to load and should also be easy to navigate around.

Ideally it should have one or two team photos that are of high quality resolution, with people smiling.

Save the photos of your building for your mum and your Nan.


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