It Pays To Always Know Your Customers.

In business, in your business, do you know all your customers?

And does your business have the systems in place to truly recognise your customers when they pop up unexpectedly in different places than they normally do?

In a dental office, sometimes your regular and consistent A type patients are going to pop up in places where you aren’t going to expect them?

And do you have the protocols in place in your office to make their visit special for them, although it’s not their regular visit?

Last week, I needed to change my travel arrangements to return home early to care for a loved one.

And although I had rung and organised my travel accordingly, on the day of my travel, the airlines had an issue that could have way-laid my plans.

You see, I had to fly from Philadelphia to Dallas and then back to Sydney.

And on the way to the airport in Philadelphia, I saw online  that my flight from Phili to DFW  had been delayed ninety minutes, which was going to mean that I would not make my connection at Dallas.

Luckily for me, I had arrived at the airport with plenty of time up my sleeve, in fact so much time, that I was able to change my flight out of Phili to an earlier flight.

Except that taking the earlier flight meant that I had to travel in coach, instead of in First Class.

But at least I was going to make my connection.

And so I was feeling bitter sweet.

On  the one hand I was going to be travelling in a little less style, but on the other hand I was going to be getting home for sure to care for my loved one.

What was really interesting….

What was really interesting was the Secret Service  that the airline had done, or that they had in place, to make my commute as enjoyable as possible.

You  see, as I remembered, when you travel down the back you have to pay for meals and you have to pay for adult beverages.

But, and it’s a big but….

The flight attendant on this flight serving me down the back told me that they knew that I was a premium platinum flyer.

And because they knew this, my meal, and my beverages were complimentary.

In fact, she even went  so far as to show me her electronic seating chart, that clearly indicated to her that they had a VIP seated down back in seat 15D.

And as such, I was treated like royalty.

Now, to me it was a short flight.

And although I had indeed paid for a First Class seat, the ability to change my flight had meant more to me than the comfort of my flight.

Because I needed to get home.

What I loved about the whole process was how seamlessly the cabin crew had implemented their whole Service Recovery  processes to make my flight down back as comfortable as possible.

What systems do you have in place to make your valued customers feel special when emergency changes of plan occur?

It is your seamless service recovery processes that set your business apart as a business that cares about its clients, rather than a business that operates on a nickel and dime basis.

What processes do you have in plan at your practice that separates your practice from your competitors in the eyes of your customers?

Every one of your clients is walking around with an invisible sign around their neck that reads:

“Make me feel important.”

Are you making each of your clients feel important in each and every visit to your dental office?

And in what ways are you doing this?

When your clients are made to feel special and important, then you and your business will also feel that importance.

To convey that importance you do need to know your customers deeply.

And not superficially.

Is your dental practice making every one of your clients feel as important as they possibly can be?


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