It Pays To Listen To The Right People

It pays to listen to the right people.

And it also pays to NOT LISTEN to anybody and everybody who has an opinion and thinks that it’s their God given right to tell you that opinion, even though you’ve not asked them for it.

Have you ever noticed that there are some people out there who feel that it is their mission to alter or influence your chosen course or direction purely and simply because THEY DON’T like, or don’t agree with what you are doing?

Sometimes their decision is based upon their belief that they have been put on this Earth for the sole reason of saving you and people like you from making a horrible mistake [in their opinion], despite the fact that they haven’t even contemplated that your decision has been logically and rationally arrived upon.

And other times these people want you to change your decision because, heaven forbid, you may actually succeed and they cannot contemplate how to deal with the future decisions and choices the “successful you” will then have to be making.

A dentist friend of mine used to say regularly:

“Opinions are like backsides. Everybody has one.”

But I’m of the belief that:

“Free advice is worth every cent that you pay for it”

There will always be people who will encourage your decisions and endeavours.

And there will always be others who want to rain on your parade.

This quotation from James Malinchak reappeared upon my desk this morning;

“Don’t worry about other people who wish you ran your business differently – be immune to criticism.”

And it is pure truth.

If you need a genuine second opinion that you are on the correct pathway, then seek out the opinion of someone knowledgeable and professionally qualified to give you a validated and logical assessment.

One of my mentors used to say:

One of my mentors used to say that if he hadn’t upset at least one person per day, each and every day, then he’d personally not had a good day.

And that’s not to say that this mentor was an aggressive or abrasive sort of person…

But he was an agitator whose opinion was valued and whose reputation as a thought leader and as a change merchant preceded him.

In fact this mentor used to say that the easiest way to achieve new business success in any town was to find out what every other business in the town was doing, and just do the opposite.

And of course, behaviour like that would certainly draw the unasked-for opinions of anyone and everyone who wanted to vocalise those unasked-for opinions.

The history of the world is littered with the success stories of disruptors who have thought outside the square and dared to be different… Think Uber. Think Steve Jobs. Think Henry Ford…

In fact, it was Henry Ford who said:

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

If you found a great new restaurant would you tell your friends?

If you found a great new restaurant would you tell your friends?

If you watched a great mini-series on Netflix would you keep it to yourself or would you tell a few people that they need to watch it?

If you honestly believe that the product you sell or provide is by far and away going to benefit the person who is thinking of having it, wouldn’t you, or shouldn’t you, do everything in your power to ensure that that person does in fact take you up on your offer?

And if that’s the case, why shouldn’t you do whatever you need to do to ensure that everybody you know is aware of how great your product is?

I often ask dentists if they are interested in having a more profitable and less stressful dental practice…

And I ask them this question because as a dentist, that’s what I was able to create:

A less stressful, more profitable practice.

And not only was I able to achieve this success as a dentist, but also, as a coach, I’ve been able to help dozens of dentists who’ve sought me out to achieve the exact same thing with their practices.

Because, putting it simply, the following statement is true:

“If it has been done, it can be done.”

You just need to know how to do it….

Recently I was contacted on LinkedIn by a dentist who wrote:

“Hi David. You need to stop. There has been a discussion on Facebook amongst [local] dentists that they are being approached by you via email, social media, calling their phones and work. It is becoming unpleasant.”

Well guess what?

I do reach out to dentists about whether they are interested in running a more profitable, less stressful dental practice.

And I do phone a number of dental practices and THERE ARE A LOT of practices out there that are burning dollars just in the way their phones are answered…. sadly, by poorly trained and never trained people who could be doing their job a whole lot better if their boss would just invest in proper training….

And these practices are burning tens of thousands each and every week…

The biggest tragedy in dentistry is the failure of practice owners to realise the true financial benefits of being a dental practice owner.

Dr Omer Reed told me ten years ago that in the USA, 95% of dentists reaching the age of 65 cannot afford to retire because they have failed to save and accumulate enough assets that will produce a retirement income that equals their dental income….

And that’s the tragedy.

And the figures are similar here in Australia.

And I don’t mind it when I reach out to a dentist who tells me:

“No thank you.”

when I email him or phone him to ask if he’d like to have a short chat about what’s going on at his practice …

But what I find offensive is when…

But what I find offensive is when a handful of keyboard warriors who’ve never done their homework decide that they need to become Boudica and save their colleagues who have also never bothered to do any research….

That’s not where the five percent who make it are….

That’s how we end up with the OTHER ninety-five percent…


PS. Coincidentally, a signed copy of the soon to be released book “Own Your Freedom” written by Dr David Phelps and Dan Kennedy arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep this week.

Every dentist should read this book.

[Oh, and BTW, I was honoured to have written one of the forewords inside this newly published book]


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