It’s all Customer Service!!

The simplest and easiest and most cost effective way to improve your dental business is to focus on customer service with every customer, client or patient who contacts your dental office or walks through your front door.

Too often I hear dentists bragging about their skill level, their fine margins and the tensile strengths of their materials. Frankly, I’ve never been out to dinner or at a party where someone has shown me the 20micron margins on their recently placed three-unit bridge, or discussed the mean microtensile bond strengths of VITA VM9, Creation ZI, and Lava Ceram …

However, I have been told endless stories as to why people have changed dentist, and it nearly always comes down to feeling not cared about, feeling ignored, or downright apathy from someone in the dental office.

Over the next few Tuesdays I’m going to reveal five simple changes you can implement in your dental office immediately that will impact positively on how your clients and patients perceive your dental office as an office that cares, not just another dentist.

In 2013, and beyond, being a proficient dentist is a given….but your patients want more! They want to feel special. They want your office to make them feel special! In 2013 the dental office that goes the extra mile, that does things differently, that surprises their patients…this will be the dental office that everybody will be talking about!!

If you want to have new patients sitting in your client lounge on their first visit saying “this is like no other dentist I’ve ever been to before!!” before they’ve even met the dentist, then you’ll want to read this blog over the next few Tuesdays…