It’s All In The Extra Detail

So, last week I got to spend two days workshopping in the basement of a house in Atlanta.

And you might be asking, what the heck would bring an Australian to Georgia to spend two days locked up in a basement doing anything let alone workshopping?

And what exactly is that?

And in a basement?

Well, the basement did have a full floor to ceiling window that overlooked a woods that adjoined a golf club, so it was a very pleasant outlook.

And I was already in the USA anyway heading to Orlando for a conference, so my travel to Atlanta was a minor detour and the benefit of the workshop was immediate.

On the evening of the first day our host organised a chauffeur driven stretch limousine to drive the four workshop attendees to dinner at one of Atlanta’s best restaurants.

It was a very nice touch from our host, and I know that the workshop was not inexpensive to attend, so there was plenty of wiggle room for him to *share the love* and shout us some dinner.

The meal was superb.

Our workshop host specifically chose the waiter that he wanted to look after our table for the evening, and we were not disappointed by his attention to detail with our food, and our service.

The food was exquisite and the wine pairings to each course were superb.

A very pleasant and memorable evening was had by all.

So, what’s my point and how does it relate to dentistry?

Firstly, although our dental practices are being squeezed by corporates and insurers, we do know that there is considerable profit in owning a dental office because otherwise the corporations would be taking over some other industry.

As practice owners we do have a considerable advantage over the corporates because we have our hearts and our souls invested in our dental business.

What this truly means is that for our customers, they are receiving service from someone who has the commitment to the business, rather than someone who may only be operating from an employee mindset.

The business owning dentist is the one who chooses what materials and sundries are used on his patient. He can make it as fancy or as no-frills as he likes. And this is what happened at my workshop.

The owner of a dental business can decide how much of his profit he needs to remove from the business, and how much of his profit he is able to reinvest in his business in the form of luxuriating gifts for his valued customers.

I know, that with my workshop, if we the attendees had been shipped off back to our hotel on that night, sure we’d have most likely not been bothered.

But for the sake of maybe five to ten percent of our tuition fee, we were treated to a very fine dining *experience*, and it will be the memory of the experience that evening that will last long after the workshop and keep us as attendees more likely to recommend this type of boutique event to others.

And isn’t that what we want to have as patients in our dental office?

We do want customers who are happy to pay for a premium service, and who are grateful for the extras and the attention to extra details.

Remember, author and blogger Jon Acuff said:

“Customers will always remember your generosity; they will never forget your greed”

So make sure that your clients and customers do get to *feel some love* from you. It need not be a limo ride, but think of ways, and gifts, that you can give a little back…


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