It’s Often More Than Just That One Bad Egg…

It only takes one bad egg to put you off your omelette.

It only takes one bad prawn to put you off eating seafood.

But often there is more than one bad egg, or one bad prawn…

It’s the same in business. There will sometimes be bad eggs in business that can drag down the reputation of an industry.

And yet, there are some businesses that seem to just brush off adversity, as they go from bushfire to bushfire, from disaster to disaster.

How do these businesses survive?

How do industries of catastrophe keep going?

Are these industries so essential that they can carry on regardless of bad publicity?

What is it that makes the public forget some BAD NEWS over the course of time?

And yet other bad news becomes indelibly printed into the memories of all and sundry?

Will Trevor Chappell ever live down the notoriety of being the “underarm bowler”?

And what about Dr Walter Palmer DDS, the LION KILLING DENTIST?

What’s my point?

Your office, your business, your lifestyle all need to be reflective of the values of your world and your community.

You need to walk the walk and talk the talk.

It’s much easier to live a noble life.

You can’t ever be:


Down here, Down Under, there’s a Royal Commission into some pretty horrendous behaviours by member organisations of the banking community.

Big member organisations.

And the fact is, that behaviours involving the ongoing billing of the bank accounts of dead people for insurance policies and the continued ongoing charging of people for services never provided are both pretty low acts.

And these are not one off behaviours.

More often than not, the first misdemeanours discovered by investigation are often the tip of some pretty offensive iceberg of behaviours.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that just like icebergs, there’s a lot going on below the surfaces and behind the scenes in a lot of places that we can’t see and are often horrified to find out about.

Sometimes the trails leading to the discovery of these behavioural patterns form a torrent leading investigators toward some fairly unsavory practices.

“GO DEEP” I say.

Leave no stone unturned.

Flush out the pathology.

Don’t dismiss findings as a once off…. there is often much much more….


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