It’s The Little Things That Make The Difference.

Last weekend, last Saturday in fact, I presented my one-day workshop to a great group of motivated Dentists at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney.

The group, all full paying, had individually travelled from various parts of Australia to attend my presentation.

And it was pointed out to me, that Gordon Christensen was also in town, presenting to Dentists, at a fee a lot less than I was charging.

As is customary, when I present, I like to stay, on site, overnight, on the night before and the night immediately following the presentation.

It allows me to prepare and get “in the zone” before the meeting, and then after, after I’ve given it my one hundred and fifty percent, well, it’s nice to just decompress without having to jump in a car and negotiate Sydney traffic.

For my wife and I, it was a trip down memory lane, because it had been twenty-five years since we’d stayed in this Hotel.

In fact, back then, the building was known as “The Regent Hotel”, and it was where we spent our wedding night before flying out to Asia the next afternoon for our honeymoon.

As is customary, whenever I’m overnighting anywhere, I like to go for an early morning powerwalk through the city to start my day. And even in my hometown, it’s always nice to get out and see the sights when there’s next to nobody around.

So early Sunday morning, my wife and I are leaving the hotel lobby for that walk, and there, just outside the entrance door, very unobtrusive, is a small table with clean towels, tissues, alongside a cooler with cold bottled water.


On the table was a small note with the Sydney weather forecast.

I said to my wife, “it’s the little things that make the difference”

And it is.

I’ve stayed in dozens of hotels in dozens of cities, and I’ve yet to see this attention to detail.

And it’s simple.

Most hotels provide towels and water of some sort in their fitness clubs for their exercising guests.

So who’d have thought to “hold that thought” and apply the same thought to the exercisers who choose the city streets rather than the treadmills as their vehicle of fitness?

When we left the hotel for home at 11:00am, the water and towels were nowhere to be seen. They were obviously placed outside the door each morning purely for the guests who chose to exercise.

And it’s simple.

Because routinely, when departing a Hotel for a morning street walk, I’m often greeted with a “you must be crazy” look by the doormen of the day.

You know the thought?

That “why aren’t you upstairs still tucked into a warm bed like all the other normal people?” look.

How can we apply this thought in our Dental Office?

What’s the relevance of this moment?

The relevance is, that somebody has taken the time to think, and ask:

“How can we go Above and Beyond?”

How can we exceed our guests’ expectations?

Because at the Four Seasons, that’s what you get.

You get multiple little well thought out strategically placed “Touch Points”.

And when you see them, when you receive them, one upon another upon another, you know that this is not just some random act of kindness.

You know that it’s a well thought out planned series of events to make your visit to the Four Seasons different, very different, than any other Hotel.

Are you looking at the visits of your patients to your practice, and making it different for them?

Different than anything they’d ever expect at any other Dental Office?

Different from most other places that they go for any business?

Because when you do, when you go Above and Beyond, in a systemised regular manner, your clients, customers and patients will know, and will appreciate, that your Dental Office is different…

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