It’s Time To Choose. Where’s Your Practice At Really?

Sometimes we watch too many movies and too much television.

Because we get some stupid ideas from TV, and from movies, and think that that’s how life really is.

When it’s not.

It’s just make believe.

It’s just fiction.

That’s what movies are.

Even real life movies and TV distort the truth and the facts to make a good story.

What TV and movies do is bring unrealistic expectations from the celluloid into our daily reality.

After all, if C.S.I. and Jessica Fletcher can solve murder mysteries in an hour, less ads, then why can’t the real cops do the same with real life crime?

I once heard someone say that being a golf course superintendent was one of the world’s most thankless tasks, because every golf club member was an expert on how to grow their own grass.

Even if it was only in their own backyard.

Golf, as a game, provides us with numerous lessons for business.

Because of its complexity, tournament golf is played over four days, and seventy-two holes, to determine a winner, each and every week.
Not just one hole.

Not just longest drive or nearest the pin.

It’s seventy-two holes.

Week after week after week.

To move from weekend hacker, to A-Grader, to club champion, to amateur champion, to tour player, to tournament winner, to major contender, to World Champion…. all take major quantum leaps.

Time. Technique. Temperament.

And patience and belief.


In 1983, golfer Nick Faldo won five European Tour events, and finished top of the European Tour Order of Merit for the year.

However, Faldo felt that he needed to refine and improve his golf game in order to become a regular contender in the Major Championships, and spent two years in the mid-1980s remodeling his swing under the tutelage of teaching professional David Leadbetter.

Leadbetter said this of Faldo’s swing when they first worked together:

“The swing looked beautiful. It had marvelous rhythm. But it camouflaged a number of faults”

The rest, as they say, is history.

Faldo’s professional career included forty-one tournament wins, of which six were Major Championships.

My point is that in 1983, Nick Faldo did not just rest on his laurels.

He was on a mission to succeed, and in so doing, he sought professional help.

He picked a great teacher, and put in the hours.

Long hours.



And he trusted the process.

And the results speak for themselves.

Faldo spent ninety-seven weeks as the World Number One golfer.

In contrast, Australian golfer Ian Baker-Finch won the 1991 Open Championship in England and seemed to have the world at his feet.

In 1992 and 1993 he picked up a couple of wins in Australia but his form then went into a steep and accelerating decline.

He began to lose confidence in his game and tinkered with his swing often.

He tinkered.


To his own demise.

When I coach Dentists, there are some who, like Faldo, trust the process and move on to greatness.

And there are others, like IBF, who tinker, and do not succeed.

Faldo took three years to rebuild his swing.

It did not happen overnight.

But in this day and age there are Dentists who want a “just add water” success package.

It took me six years to triple my collections after buying my practice in 1987.

And then I stagnated for five years.

And had to sell my family home.

However, I sought out the right advice, found the right coach, and worked with them over the next six and a half years into 2002 to triple my collections again.

In fifteen years I had multiplied my collections ten times.

In fifteen years I had truly become an overnight success.

And it still continued to grow from there….

You can copy success or you can think you know better, and tinker.

You choose.

I teach dentists what I did, to change my practice and change my life.

I see Dentists who trust the process, and succeed.

I see others who tinker, and do not succeed.

On the outside, is your practice like a 1983 version of Faldo? Does your practice look beautiful yet it camouflages a number of faults?

If golf was easy, everyone would be a tournament pro.

Or an A-grader, at least.

What sort of a student of knowledge are you?

Of process?

Are you patient?

Or are you getting in your own way?

Are you an expert at growing your own grass?


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