It’s Time To Take Count…

I like this quote from Brad Sugars. He says:

“Success is more often about what you have to STOP, than what you have to start … people you need to stop seeing, things you need to stop doing, emotions you need to stop feeling, time you need to stop wasting … make a list of the top 5 and get to it …”

What a great quote.

What do you have to stop doing?

As a business owner, you need to be at the top of your game.

People look up to you for inspiration, both on a personal level, as well as on an institutional level.

They want to see you as a successful figurehead running a successful enterprise. The two go hand in hand.

The result of being a successful leader should be that you can create success in your organisation.

And conversely, successful businesses rarely rise up as a result of poor leadership.

With that in mind, what are the things you need to give up?

Do you need to stop smoking?

Do you need to stop making excuses for your poor exercise habits?

Do you need to give up alcohol?

Do you need to give up eating processed foods?

Do you need to give up on foods high in fat and in sugar?

Do you need to give up coffee?

What behaviours do you need to give up?





Are you obnoxious?

Are you a hoarder?

Are you an “over-sharer”?

What people do you need to stop seeing?

Do you have friends, and I use that term loosely, who are constantly bringing you down?

You know the types…. they are HARD WORK, and after every time you see them, you feel as if you need a good dose of Tony Robbins to bring you back to where you ought to be?

It’s time to cull…

These people act like this because of their own feelings of inadequacy.

And whether their behaviour is calculated, or whether it is just intuitive to them, it is a behaviour that they need to eliminate.

Because it serves no purpose.

And it is a behaviour they can change.

Until they do, you need to give them a rest from your social scene.

And do you have patients who behave in this way too?

Well, why not suggest to those patients that they need a new dentist?

Life is too short to be tolerating these kinds of people.

Do you know people who wallow in their own misery, yet despite constant and repeated suggestion from well-meaning friends, these people never take the necessary actions to improve their situations?

Again, an afternoon with these people is like a week of watching Kiss of a Spiderwoman….  

It’s depressing.

There comes a time to end these associations, and that time is now.

Cast these people free.

Also, is this you?

I’m always amazed when I meet new people who want to thrust themselves into my life…. frankly, I’ve got a long list of friends and relatives that I need to spend more time with BEFORE I go adding new people to that already crowded list…

These new people need to recognise that the “House Full” sign is up at present.

If you are guilty of this behaviour, either as the approacher, or as the recipient, you need to stop it.

Non-productive emotions.

Do you experience certain emotions that distract you from your purpose?

You need to take control of those emotions, and eliminate them from your behaviours.

Terror and fear. Get rid of them.

These two emotions can stop a good person in their tracks. You need to recognise them when they occur, and you need to then rationalise your situation, and progress through that moment.

Sunshine always follows after rain.

Move on to a sunny place.

Also, avoid greed and avarice.

Have goals, yes. But do not covet the assets of others.

Time wasters.

Are you engaged in time wasting behaviours?

Do you constantly and repeatedly “check your device” even when you don’t receive an alert?

Are you continuously reading your emails at all times of the day?

Are you guilty of repeatedly surfing through social media aimlessly?

Allocate specific times of the day to do these things and be rigid with your applications.

Because then you can then allocate time to be doing the productive things you need to be doing.

Limit your times to be taking and receiving phone calls.

Turn off your phone while working.

You can always return calls later.

And when you do return calls, set a time frame.

Don’t allow the telephone to become an offensive time sucker.

We all, each and every one of us, have twenty-four hours allocated to us each and every day.

And when the day is over those twenty-four hours are gone.

It is how you use those hours that determines your success.

Use those hours wisely.

Make a list.

So get to it.

As Brad said, make a list, and take action.

Your first day of your better life is here, just waiting for you to give up and STOP those debilitating thoughts, behaviours, habits, and people.

Go to it…. 


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