It’s Wise Not To Become A Presumptive Labeler?

In the past two weeks two people in the NRL [Australian National Rugby League] have had to self-isolate for two weeks as a result of a Covid-19 risk.

In the first instance, a player from a club was informed that someone at a school that one of his children attends had tested positive to Covid-19.

In the second instance, the game’s leading referee has had to go into self-isolation for a similar issue… that is, that one of his children attends a school where someone has tested positive for Covid-19

In both instances, the player and the referee acted responsibly for the good of the game.

And in both instances, it has been shown that neither of them had become infected.

Better to be safe than sorry, that’s for sure.

Also, in both instances, the NRL has been shown to have a contingency plan that was easily activated to prevent any collateral damage.

This past week, in Victoria, it was also revealed that three of the twenty new cases of Covid-19 that were reported on one day were staff members at a dental practice in Melbourne.

Some may have “assumed” that this was a result of a breach of sterilisation procedures and protocols.

However, on investigation, it has been reported that initially, one staff member was diagnosed with Covid-19 on the Saturday. The Victorian Department of Health was immediately notified, the dental practice was closed, and appropriate public health measures were immediately put into place including cleaning and contact tracing. Subsequently, on the following Tuesday, two other staff members at the practice have returned positive results, taking the number of cases linked to this outbreak to three.

The good news is that no patients have been identified as close contact, at the time of writing.

It would appear that these three dental practice related cases have been as a result of co-workers at this site coming into close contact with each other prior to diagnosis.

It is not mentioned as to whether those who tested positive had displayed any symptoms or not.

It would appear that the quick and responsible actions of all concerned have limited the spread of Covid-19 in this unfortunate instance.

Congratulations and “Well done”  to all involved here.

What this shows:

Covid-19 is an insidious infection that appears without obvious [at the time] causation. As such, all necessary preventive protocol measures of hand washing and social distancing need to be followed to reduce its spread to as small a number as possible.

Covid-19 has affected movie stars, celebrities, and politicians and sports people. It is not selective to certain specific lifestyles and behaviours. Good or bad.

Jumping to conclusions is a pointless exercise.

Responsible behaviours regarding cleanliness and reducing the spread do need to be followed.


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