Leadership. Do You Have What It Takes?

One of the things that really separates a great business ahead of other businesses is the quality of its leadership.

Traditionally, when you see a great business there is always a great captain of the ship.

It’s very difficult for a poorly led business to achieve greatness.

Take a look at great businesses that you know of…there is always a great leader at the front.

And the opposite is true. When businesses unravel, it is usually poor leadership or weak leadership that stands out as being a feature of that business.

In Australia great companies such as Westfield, News Corp have had great long-term leaders in Frank Lowy and Rupert Murdoch.

In the US, Berkshire Hathaway and Buffet spring to mind.

So what are the characteristics of great leaders?


A great leader knows where he is going.

He’s clear about that and he’s laser focused.

His company looks to him to show them the way, to lead them towards nirvana, and he in turn knows how to deliver that vision that his team members seek.


Commitment to do what it takes to get the job done.

If the business is going to get to where it needs to go, then the team looks to the leader for assurance when times seem tough.

A leader who is rock solid sets the example to the whole team.


A leader who is first to work and last to leave understands the meaning of

“do as I do.”

He sets the example by his actions, and those actions build respect.


A great leader knows WHY his business does what it does [in a global sense].

His business has been created for a purpose. It fulfils a genuine need for the community.


He may be a hard man, but he’s fair. His decisions may seem tough, but they are correct, and for the correct reasons.

He doesn’t suffer fools. But he is willing to give people a fair go.

He won’t step on someone to get ahead. He will succeed with dignity.

If you want to be a great leader of a great business you need to lead by example. Follow these five characteristics to set yourself apart as one of THE great leaders.


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