“Make Me Feel Important”

If there is one thing that your customers are silently screaming out for it is recognition.

And most businesses do very poorly when it comes to recognising their customers.

I don’t mean “recognising” them in so much as knowing their names…. what I’m talking about is taking the time to spend quality time with your customers so that they know that you truly care about them and understand them.

Because most dental practices treat their patients like they are a credit card and a tooth only.

“Won’t be too long. Just take a seat”

“See you next time. Have a nice day.”

If these are phrases used at your office you may be guilty of failing to recognise your customers as the human beings they really are.

It is the duty of your business and of every employee in your business to make each and every client feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood.

When your business and your employees start to look in this way at each and every interaction that they have with each and every visitor to your dental office, then and only then will you be able to say that you are offering truly world class service.

Look at what goes on in your dental office:

  • Are your arriving patients always greeted by someone as soon as they enter your premises, or do they have to wait for one of your employees to appear because your employees are all doing something else?
  • When your departing patients have finished their treatment, do they have to line up to settle their payments and to schedule their next appointment?
  • Are your patients being left alone unattended in a treatment room at any time before, during, or after their procedures?
  • Does your office rely on technology too much to transfer information about the patient while they are in the office, when well planned verbal communications could be used far more effectively to keep the patient engaged?

These are just four examples of hundreds of areas in dental practices where patients are being ignored regularly.

Every time that a patient is ignored their emotional involvement in your business begins to slide downwards and it then requires extra additional effort to lift their engagement back up to a point where they are re-involved and re-engaged.

Involved and engaged patients make appointments and keep them.

Patients whose involvement and engagement is left waning do not make appointments so much, they cancel more and they no-show more.

Recognition. Babies cry for it and grown men die for it.

Are you really making your patients feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood?

Children spell “LOVE” this way: T.I.M.E.

Your patients spell it the exact same way…..

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