Make Someone’s Day…Be A Go-Giver…

Last week I played a round of early morning golf with my friend Gerry at his golf club.

Although I could have played a lot better, it was great to see Gerry and spend some time with him, as we haven’t played golf together for a few years.

And being the exceptional host, Gerry paid for my game for the day, which was really nice.

On my way home, I was feeling a little peckish so I decided to drop in to a local Sushi restaurant on my way home for a late bite of lunch.

As it was after lunchtime, the restaurant was not busy because most diners would have returned to work.

I ate a few plates from the “train” and read my emails on my phone.

I noticed that a couple of people along from me, that a young dad had arrived with his young son.

The son sat up at the counter, but the dad sat beside the counter at one of the lower tables.

As I rose to leave, I noticed the dad was dining with a young girl, wearing headphones, and sitting in a wheelchair.

As I passed them by, the girl, who had issues of her own, was enjoying some McDonalds French Fries on her tray.

When I paid at the counter for my lunch, I asked the lady working there to take an extra $50.00 on my Visa card and to put it towards the meal that this young dad was having.

She said he probably wasn’t eating $50.00 worth of Sushi, but that didn’t bother me.

I just wanted to let this guy know that I felt for him.

I hope it brightened his day…..


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