Making The Antibiotic Cover A Magical Moment.

It’s hard to believe that your Dental Office can stand out from others in your area by the way you organise the prophylactic antibiotic cover for your valued patients.

“Antibiotic cover?” I hear you say?

How on earth can providing antibiotic cover become a Magical Moment?

It’s such a mundane task really.

It’s almost a metaphor for Dentistry itself, isn’t it?

Isn’t Antibiotic Cover just one of those things our Office has to cater for, almost by law?

It’s a chore, isn’t it?

It’s like a grudge buy at *THE* grudge buy….

Well that’s how most Dental Offices feel about it.

And here’s how most Dental Offices handle it.



“Oh, you need antibiotics?”

“You’ll need to go to your Doctor to get those.”


Problem is now delegated back to the customer and out of the Dental Office right into the Doctor’s Office.

After all, we’re a Dental Office.

And that’s a Medical Condition.

Not our problem….

And now we’ve solved it for you.

Now if the patient is lucky, they might just get this response:

“Oh, you need antibiotics? I’ll have the dentist write you a script for that, and you can go get it filled.”

That’s it isn’t it?

That’s usually the way.

Your receptionist has to go back down the back, prescription pad in hand, and interrupt the Dentist who is now working on his next patient, and get him to de-glove and write out the prescription…

It’s hard work, but heck, this patient should be grateful that we’ve saved her a trip to the medico.

After all, we’ve done her a big favour…

Or we could do this.

Our Dental Office can provide, at no fee, the correct dosage of the right antibiotic for the patient in a nicely sealed package with clear written instructions.

These antibiotics are fetched from our secure medicines area, and handed courteously to the patient.

With a clear explanation of what we’ve just done for them.

“Mrs. Smith, I see you’re going to be needing antibiotic cover at your next appointment. Please let me get those for you…”

Jacqui excuses herself and goes quickly to the medicines storage where she retrieves the necessary medications.

Jacqui returns.

“Here you are Mrs. Smith. Here’s your Antibiotic Cover all ready for you so that you don’t need to go chasing all around town to the Doctor and the pharmacy to find it.

“I’ve placed the instructions inside here for you.

“We do that for you here because Dr Moffet wants to make 100% sure that you’re taken care of.

“We’ve had occasions where patients have just been so busy that the need for the antibiotics has occasionally slipped out of their head.

“So we do this for all our patients, just to make it easier for them.

“I hope you don’t mind?”

And of course Mrs. Smith thinks our Dental Office is wonderful.

Now there’s some times when Mrs. Smith may misplace her antibiotics between appointments, and she calls the Dental Office in a bit of a flap.

Here’s the best thing we can do.

“Mrs. Smith, here’s what I’ll do. Will you be home this evening?

“Your place is right on my way home so with your permission, I’ll be happy to drop this medication off to you tonight after work. Is that convenient for you?”

How is that?

How is that for going Above and Beyond?

Won’t Mrs. Smith just be telling all her friends how wonderful your Dental Office is?

And how special does Mrs. Smith feel?

A home visit from the Dentist’s Office?

There’s a WOW!

Now the frequency of Mrs. Smiths in the Dental Office that misplace their medication is very few and far between.

So having a contingency plan that needs to be implemented occasionally is just par for the course for the World Class Dental Office.

It’s just something that we do.

And having a protocol, and a system in place so that when it does happen we’re on top of it, well that’s PRICELESS!

It’s things like this that will have your clients, customers and patients telling all their friends that your Dental Office is different.

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