Mastering Your Business Goals and Business Plans

It’s said that ninety seven percent of the people in the world don’t have a list of written down goals that they review on a regular basis.

Only three percent of the population actually have clearly defined and written down goals.

The rest just wander along and wonder when things don’t go to plan.

Usually the people without a plan or goals become part of someone else’s plan.

I just had a call from a dentist who is starting up his first dental practice.

He has a plan.

He has a budget clearly defined for his fit out costs.

He knows exactly how many patients he needs to see each day to cover his fixed and variable practice expenses.

But breaking even is not the name of the game.

Why would he go through all these dramas and rigmaroles to simply break even?

Surely he should be planning to draw a competitive profit for his efforts?

Firstly, he needs to pay himself as THE DENTIST delivering the work to patients.

After all, if he wasn’t there, he’d have to pay another dentist to do the same thing.

Secondly, he needs to remunerate himself for the administrative duties he performs in the practice.

Again, if he wasn’t there, someone else would be doing the HR, the marketing, the payroll duties etc.

And thirdly, as the business owner, he needs to be paying himself a dividend for the asset he has invested in the business.

Because he could have bought himself an apartment, or a farm or some shares with that capital. And they would have all paid a dividend.

Having a good game plan gets you a long way towards where you need to go.

Knowing where the money needs to come from, and knowing where it needs to go is very important information that affects whether or not your business will be successful.

Hoping you make sufficient collections, and that you can “cover” your overheads, is not a good business strategy.

Plan for growth.

Setting performance goals that are a STRETCH is a great way to grow your business.

Hoping your collections will increase is not a good plan.

Aiming for a specific number, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, will give you greater FOCUS, and will guarantee better results.

Measure your growth

Make sure you are able to manage your growth.

Uncontrollable growth can also be a disaster, if you are unable to cope with your rate of new growth.

Too much growth can be a bad thing.

Growth is good.

If you’re not growing then you’re dying.

Make sure that you have growth.

Growth is a stimulus.

Organic growth, and growth by acquisition are both good forms of growth.

Learn which type of growth suits you best.

Become a master of that type of growth.


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