Measuring The Unmeasurable In The Business of Dentistry. Part II

There are some things in business that are difficult to measure.

There are other things that are easy to measure but are not measured.

Three things that I’ve found difficult to measure in the business of dentistry are

  • Wisdom
  • Culture
  • Satisfaction

Although these are difficult to measure, they are very important factors that need to be observed and considered in creating and monitoring the status and progress of any business.

It’s been said many times.

“You can’t put an old head on young shoulders.”

The older I get the more I realise how much I flew by the seat of my pants in my early days.

More and more, now, I realise how much I have learned along my business journey.

And the value of that knowledge….

Many years ago I watched a law firm purchase a very successful local real estate agency branch office.

The plan was that the law firm would receive conveyancing and other legal matters from the real estate business. Directed to the law firm.

This did not happen.

The real estate business did not prosper. I’m not sure why.

It may have been due to the fact that the new owners were not on the shop floor selling real estate.

It may have been because the new owners were not even real estate people….

In hindsight, the lawyers told me that purchasing that agency had not been a good decision.

A better business outcome may have resulted had the lawyers maintained a working relationship with the previous owners of the real estate agency….

Zappos has it.

Warby Parker has it.

Disney has it.

An internal business culture that other businesses envy.

Culture comes from within.

And it is created from high up within.

For great culture to be developed within an organisation, there needs to be strong leadership.

With belief.

And unbridled conviction.

That gets seen and eaten and breathed in by the organisation, by the employees.

On a daily basis.

On an hourly basis.

Without an internal culture, you only have, at best, a skeleton.

With no heart.

And your clients, customers and patients can feel the heart.

And they can feel when there is no heart.

And when the heart is broken…

Client satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction comes hand in hand with culture.

A great organisation with great culture has employees with enormous job satisfaction.

I’ve visited Zappos. I’ve visited Warby Parker. And Disney.

These are truly wonderful places to work at and the employees reflect on that culture.

They love to work there.

Satisfaction just radiates from them.

Similarly, as a customer of these three businesses, I am one very very satisfied client.

And I tell people.

As many as I can.

Who’s on top of the wisdom, culture and satisfaction indices in your Dental Office?

For one thing, your clients, customers and patients are…

They notice change.

Your clients and patients will pick up on and soak in all the positive changes at your Dental Office.

They know when your culture is on fire!

They admire your business wisdom.

And they love dealing with satisfied employees.

In running your Dental Office, you need to fuel the culture.

Nurture your wisdom.

And grow your employees’ hearts.

It’s that simple…


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