Most Times The Extra Is Worth It…

The summer is approaching Down Under.

I won’t say it is approaching quickly, but it will be here and upon us shortly.

And that means Test cricket.

The Ashes.

Australia vs England…. the old enemy.

Every summer I go to the Sydney Test match in January with my friend George. We sit in the Members area, and membership of the Sydney Cricket Ground does have its privileges.

But one of the things I find amusing about the members’ area is that most seats are free to be chosen on each day of each match.

Which means, that members have to line up outside the gate at a very early time and then when the gates open several hours before play actually begins they race inside to secure their seating.

George, who has been a member a long time and longer than me, has been doing this peculiar behaviour for ever…

So last summer I asked George about the small reserved seating sections that I had seen.

And George said,

“Well that costs extra”

And I said,

“How much extra?”

And George said,

“I think about $25.00 per day”

And I asked,

“Why are we not doing that then?”

George looked at me….

Here is my point.

There is always a time when paying a little bit extra is worth the money.

If it means having a reserved seat at the cricket Test, then it’s worth it.

If it means getting seating closer to the stage for your favourite concert, then it is worth it.

If it costs a little extra for premium grade beef at your local steak house, then it’s worth it.

Is it worth an extra dollar to enjoy the premium label liquor rather than the house liquor?


It is the same in business. The bigger advert costs more, but brings in way more customers.

An impressive facility attracts and facilitates more business.

The money spent on having properly trained employees is returned to your business on opportunities not lost.

Last week I attended an amateur golf event in Melbourne. It was obvious that the committee for this event who were not event organisers had called in some outside help.

And the week went off beautifully… the professionalism of the running of the event was palpable.

As consumers, some people spend a heck of a lot of time and money watching fuel prices to save a few pennies.

And yet, sometimes drivers will line up for twenty minutes or more to save four cents per litre on petrol [gas]?

That’s valuing your time at between six and nine dollars per hour?


Sometimes they blow the few dollars they save on the petrol on chocolates and soft drinks [candy and sodas]?

The memories you will have from enjoying an event from the premium seats rather than from the nose-bleed section are priceless.

We’re all going to end up in the same place eventually. That’s a fact.

It’s the journey that makes the difference.

There is no point being miserable along the way unnecessarily…

Most times the extra cost IS worth it.


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