Offering Your Customers An Irresistible Bonus Offer

Here are some interesting ideas and thoughts to consider when setting up a sales offer.

Firstly, you need to make your offer compelling enough that potential customers are going to want to purchase your initial offer purely because it represents a solution to their problem.

Having a great product on its own is not a solution.

Your product must solve a problem that your customer is experiencing that is causing your customer sufficient concern.

If your customer feels as though now is the time to solve their problem, your initial offer of a solution needs to be able to spark an interest  for the customer to say:

“I’m interested.”

If you then have an interested customer, you need to be able to offer bonuses to your offer that have the customer saying:

“Those bonuses are great.”

You want the customer to be thinking that if the bonus items were for sale as stand-alone items, then they would consider purchasing those bonus items.

But, the bonus items are items that are never for individual sale.

The bonus items are only items that are available to customers who purchase the core product.

The bonus items are added to add value to the transaction on the core product, and are added to layer on top of that essential core product.

The bonus items offered should be of significant worth and value, so that the customer understands that their failure to purchase the core product will see the disappearance for the final time of the bonus items.

The thing about the bonus offer is that it should be of low wholesale cost, but of high intrinsic value.

What would be an item that would fit the bill here?

A morning on the golf links?

A day out fishing?

A visit to your home for education?

These three bonus items, if offered individually, are of very little cost to the vendor, but are of significant value to the customer.

The Meet and Greet.

The Meet and Greet rock concert ticket represents a perfect example of a low cost, high value item.

The value is that the fan gets to spend time with the rock star prior to the concert. Time and opportunity that the average fan does not get.

The Meet and Greet process takes some time, but if the artist is able to package up the process and then sell a significant number of these packages, the time cost to the artist is negated by the dollar income created for simply allowing a number of fans to experience and view a process that still goes on anyway. Though in this instance, that process now goes on with an audience.

But it creates an experience of a lifetime for your customer.

What door can you open in the day to day processes of your business that will create a lasting experience for one or more of your valued clients?

And will make that difference for those clients, when they make that decision to choose to definitely purchase your core product.


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