One Big Lesson We Can Learn From This Weekend’s Royal Wedding

Bishop Michael Curry’s speech?


There you go…. I’ve mentioned the elephant in the room.

The Most Reverend Michael Curry spoke for way too long and lost connection with members of his audience.

With members of his live audience and also with members of his television audience.

The fact that we had images of members of the Royal family, laughing, sniggering, dropping jaws and sideways glancing indicated to me that Bishop Curry had disconnected with his audience.

Perhaps he had even failed to connect with members of his audience in the first place.

How can we learn from this and apply it to dentistry?

If we are to ensure that our message is indeed impactful we need to make sure that it is “to the point” and direct and is not smothered in excess conversation.

Could Michael Curry have delivered the same message with more impact in five minutes instead of the fourteen that he did take?

You bet he could have.

In dentistry we are often guilty of getting on to our own agenda instead of staying with the agenda of the patient.

I’ve seen dentists waffle on and on with sermons full of technical terms and patients’ minds start wandering and disconnecting.

The patients cannot see the relevance of some of the talk and they switch off.

Their minds wander.

And although the dentist means well, his message is not acted upon.

Even Michael Curry recognised a point in his sermon where he needed to get back to what we were all there for….and that was to see Harry and Meghan tie the knot, but yet he digressed again…..

So next time you’re talking treatment with your patient, ask yourself whether you’re talking about their reasons for treatment, or whether, as one dental assistant once told me about her dentist, you’re teaching the patient a degree on dentistry?


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