One Of The Simplest And Easiest Ways To Make Someone’s Day

During our travels last month Jayne and I had a very interesting dining experience that I’d like to share with you.

We had arrived in a rural city in NSW for the first night of a three night stay, and had organised to dine that night at a local gastro-pub there.

When we arrived at the pub, the dining area was quite sparsely populated [we are late diners] so we were able to take our time and sit and chat with each other about stuff, and life in general.

Because there were only a few diners left in the restaurant [most had moved to the bar for Thursday night BINGO], we were also able to engage in meaningful conversation with our waitress Chelsea.

And as you do, we discussed some F.O.R.D. topics with her. [We spoke about her family, work history, recreation, and her aspirations for her future].

Halfway through our main meals Chelsea came over to our table to let us know that she was going home, and to thank us, because tonight we had “made her day” [Chelsea’s words].

How did we make Chelsea’s day?

Chelsea said that in the whole four years that she had been working and serving people, Jayne and I were the first people to ever ask her name.

We made her day by asking her name.

It’s hard to believe that no one had ever asked Chelsea her name in the four years that she had been working in the service industry.

And it made such a difference…

It certainly made a heck of a lot of difference to Chelsea, that patrons she was serving actually wanted to know her name, and then used her name back to her in conversation.

To Jayne and me, it’s very difficult for us to think how anybody can engage in a conversation with someone new without finding out their name.

Dale Carnegie said:

“A man’s name is to him the sweetest sound in the language.”

Everybody loves to hear their name, and they love to hear it used back to them in conversation.

It’s common courtesy.

In the dental practice, it’s very important when building rapport with clients and patients, to find out the name of the person with whom we are speaking and to use their name back to them frequently.

This is especially true when answering incoming phone calls at the dental practice.

If you are not doing this, then make today the day you begin to ask people their name.

It’s time to ask people their name and find out who exactly you are talking to.

Start a revolution and ask everybody you speak with their name.

You will make their day!


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