Our Aim In Life Is To Help People Get What They Want.

The aim of life is simple. Help people to get what they want.

And that’s what a service business is all about.

Dentistry is a service business.

All we need to do is help our clients get what they want.

And what they want is teeth that don’t hurt.

What they want is a mouth that is healthy and free of disease.

What they want is teeth that look good and feel good and last a long time.

Delaying necessary treatment delays our patients and clients from getting these desired results.

Deferring treatment and avoiding treatment allows disease to continue and “move the needle” towards more disease and more harm and greater risk of pain.

Delaying treatment is not in the best interests of the patient.

As health care professionals we must do everything in our power to help our patients receive the treatment that they need as quickly as possible.

To do that we need to develop a process that makes a visit to the dentist an enjoyable EXPERIENCE that they must have completed as soon as possible, rather than a process or a commodity that they feel they can do when they feel like it, if at all.

And it is when we are able to “flip this switch”  in the minds of our customers, it is then and only then that we have truly created a dental practice of importance and influence.

I don’t know exactly when it happened at my practice, but I do know that there came a time where the patients who were scheduled to see me were always going to turn up to see me.

What happened was that there came a time in the evolution of my practice and in patient care where we had a practice of such “presence”  and position that NO-SHOWS or Fail To Attends [FTAs] dropped to zero.

Our processes and systems in our practice became so good that Failing To Attend became a non-option.

Because the doing of the dentistry was only a part of the process.

And providing our clients with AN EXPERIENCE became so much more of our process.

We made going to the dentist fun.

We made going to the dentist a relationship.

And an experience.

When we coach dental practices and team members, we work on creating the culture that we would never speak to a dental patient in a way that we would not use if talking to a friend or a new acquaintance at a cocktail party, dinner part or at a barbeque.

We need to treat people as people.

And as equals.

There is no power or hierarchy bestowed upon us just because we work in a dental office.

The number of times that I hear employees in a dental practice speaking rudely on the phone to people calling in to that office [be they new patients or existing patients] is quite disappointing.

Think about the things you are saying and the questions you are asking and the TONE and the MANNER that you at the dental practice use when you speak to people both on site and on the phone.

Are you being polite and courteous all the time?

Or do you sometimes morph into a staccato toned data collector?

There is no need to be rude and abrupt and short.

Our aim is to always be pleasant and persuasive and courteous.

It was Zig Ziglar who said it best:

“You Can Have Everything In Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.”

Help your dental practice patients to receive their treatment and achieve a healthy, disease-free mouth.

And you will achieve greatness….


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