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Private Coaching for your Dental Practice with Dr. David Moffet

Want to lift your practice to a whole new level?

Become one of Dr Moffet’s private coaching clients.

With clients stretching over three countries and five time zones, Dr Moffet coaches Dentists on a one on one basis to achieve their desired outcomes for their practices.

If you’re interested in near doubling your collections in an eighteen month period of time, like Dr Rachel Hall from Brisbane did, then you owe it to yourself to make contact with Dr Moffet to see how his private coaching will benefit you.

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Ultimate Dental Moffet Mastermind Alliance

Yes David, reserve a seat for me – I hope I am one of the first 10 people to respond! I want to participate in and experience the Moffet Mastermind Alliance. I want ALL the inside secrets and shortcuts of the maverick millionaire dentists, so I can work less, earn more, and take my practice exactly where I want it to be, using the fastest means possible…

Moffet Mastermind Alliance includes:

45-60 minute monthly group call with member Dentists – these are fact finding, problem-solving, planning, and implementation calls. Goal is to review and implement one module of Ultimate Patient Experience, every 60 days…

30-minute monthly group call with your team – this is an accountability and implementation call. We deal with Q & A, current challenges and stumbling blocks…

Participate in 3, 1-day meetings in Orlando, Dallas, Chicago

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The Complete UPE System

Most dentists take their relationship with their patients, for granted.

The truth is, there are LOADS of things going on in your practice, that are costing you money… that you have absolutely NO idea about — simply because you don’t have a plan. Or, if you have one, it focuses on office staff convenience, and not the Ultimate Patient Experience.

And unless you have some kind of system with specific procedures in place…..

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Learn the reasons why some dentists never get the results they want and are constantly suffering, struggling, and being held hostage by their practice… while others seem to make money easily and are off enjoying their practices, their family… and their lives.

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UPE Gold Membership

Take your Dental Practice to a higher level by getting exclusive access to 1-on-1 support each month from Dr. Moffet via a library of monthly newsletters, informative videos and monthly Q&A calls and recordings.

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The UPE Secrets CD’s

Three in depth interviews of Dr David Moffet conducted by Dental Gurus, Dr David Madow, Dr David Phelps and Duane Tinker. In these interviews Dr David Moffet shares his philosophy and journey to creating the Ultimate Patient Experience.

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Big Yellow Book

Dr David Moffet’s Best Selling Book, “How To Build The Dental Practice OF Your Dreams [Without Killing Yourself!] In Less Than 60 Days.”

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The UPE Events

See Dr Moffet speak about Dental Customer Service

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Dental Phone Excellence

Does your Dental Office Phone need to be answered better?

Then find out how to achieve Dental Phone Excellence right here.

Contact Jayne Bandy, Australian Phone Guru, to see how her products can catapult your practice to a whole new level

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