Over-delivery? It Is So Easy….

Does your GP medico contact you with your test results?

Why don’t they?

Years ago I remember visiting my own GP medico and the question arose as to the results of tests that she had asked for.

Now I can’t remember today whether these were blood tests or what they were, but the key point in the conversation with her went something like this:

Me: “I didn’t hear back from you so I thought that the tests came back OK.”

Doctor: “No David, that’s not how it works. It’s up to you to call us here at the practice to find out the results of your tests.”


Can you imagine how good a patient would feel if every time they had pathology tests that their doctor would call them personally to let them know the results of those tests, and whether there was anything to be concerned about or nothing to be concerned about?


Can you imagine that as a point of difference between one medical practice and another?

Imagine if your GP medico doctor took the time to call you and let you know that your blood test results were OK and there was nothing there to worry about?

Imagine how many of your friends you would tell that your doctor took the time to let you know the results of your tests were OK and that you had nothing to be alarmed with now?

Can you imagine the goodwill that this simple little action of consistent follow up would generate for the doctor?

All of a sudden within the community this doctor would be known as the GP medico who actually cared about his patients’ health?

It’s so simple for him to do.

And yet it’s so easy for him NOT to do.

Ands most GP medico doctors take the low road.

Most GP medico’s say:

“And I’ll call you if the results come back and show something..”

How can we apply this to dental?

Imagine a dentist who called each patient personally to let them know that he had received a report back from the Dental Specialist?

Just for the sake of making a connection.

And very easy to do.

With dramatic upside.

You’d think that the easy things to do would be the easy things to tick off as completed on each day’s to-do list?

Sadly, no.

And so, with so many dental offices not doing the simple things, the opportunity to really show how much you really care is always available.

Grab the bull by the horns and stand out in your community.

It is really that easy to do so…..


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