Paint By Numbers And Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Success is simple.

All you need to do to be successful is find a pathway to success, and follow that pathway, every step of the way.

Failure comes as a result of deviation from the pathway.

When Dorothy wanted to find the Wizard of Oz, all she needed to do was follow the Yellow Brick Road. Because the Yellow Brick Road was her pathway to the Wizard.

Along the way Dorothy ran into difficulties each and every time that she departed or was distracted from the Yellow Brick Road.

When baking a cake….

When baking a cake there is a set list of steps and procedures that need to be completed in a set order to ensure that we end up with the cake that we so desire.

When baking a cake we cannot complete the steps or instructions in an order that we choose.

There is no point icing the cake mixture before the cake mixture has been put into the oven.

When making the cake, instructions are important.

Success leaves clues.

There are plenty of books written about success.

And there are plenty of successful people who have achieved success by following  the wisdom and methodologies of successful coaches who have coached ordinary clients to extraordinary results.

And those results have been achieved by those clients because they followed the instructions and teachings of their coach.

The pathway to success is simple:

All you need to do is:

  • Paint by numbers
  • Follow your instructions
  • Do the work

Nobody falls off the path to success.

People fail to achieve success because they BEHAVE their way off the pathway to success, known as The Green Line.

A coach’s role is to prevent his clients from behaving their way off The Green Line.

The only question a client needs to be asked is this one:

“How long should you wait before you jump onto the Green Line?”

A successful coach will guarantee the pathway will lead their client to success.

Just as long as the client does not behave themselves off that pathway…

People fail to be successful because:

  • They try to work out their own pathway rather than find a proven pathway and follow it [adding years to their journey that most often are never be recovered]
  • They fail to follow the instructions they are given [they create their own detours and roadblocks]
  • They fail to do the work [they stop moving along the pathway]

If success was easily achieved then everyone would achieve it.

It’s not finding success that is difficult. It’s maintaining the needed behaviours that people find difficult.


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