Physician, Heal Thyself? I Don’t Think So…. 

Sometimes, you know something is wrong in your business.

But you just don’t like to hear it.

Patients are the same.

They come to you for an opinion.

They come to you for your expert opinion.

You tell them your opinion.

And then you never see that patient again.

Despite the fact that you see pathology, that you see that early intervention is needed, that you can fix their problem before it gets worse, they still do nothing.

And doing nothing is damaging their condition.

Because we know that neglect, we know that wait and see, are not good treatment strategies.

And in business it’s the same. Neglect, and wait and see, don’t work out either.


In Dentistry, a patient will need specialist intervention to remove the condition and restore the health of the tooth.

That specialist may be a specialist, or he may just be a dentist.

What he is not, is that he is not a member of the public.

He is a trained, university trained and educated specialist.

He is registered by law to give an opinion and take action.

Yet some punters want to employ a wait and see approach.

A do nothing approach.

And that never ever works…

Does it?

Sometimes, as a business coach, I get called into a practice, because the practice owner feels that there are things not quite right in the practice.

And when they feel that feeling, you can bet they are one hundred percent correct.

And they invariably are.

Things have been allowed to slip and slip and slip.

To a point where something is drastically wrong.

Now the smart dentists who request an opinion, a diagnosis of the situation, if you will, these smart dentists then take action to rectify their defects.

With amazing results.

And the not so smart dentists?

They just wait and see.

Wait and see if things will “magically” get better by themselves.

Yet “by themselves” is what got them into that situation in the first place.

It’s said that a lawyer who goes to court and defends himself has a fool for a client.

And there are reasons why financial advisors exist.

They exist, not because the public don’t know how to save.

They exist because the public don’t know there are better ways to save.

The public don’t often know the most efficient ways to save.

One of my dentist clients in the USA has added more than fourteen percent to her collections this year. That works out at a whopping increase of more than $100,000.00 in revenue!!

And this follows on from a run of four years of negative growth prior to hiring me.

Another one of my clients in Queensland Australia has added more than $90,000.00 per month to her collections compared to those in 2013 before she hired me.

That’s a staggering increase, and a whopping 28:1 ROI on her investment in my advice.

Good advice should never be considered as an expense.

Good advice is always an investment.

And worth the investment.

Free advice, on the other hand, is worth every penny you pay for it….


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