Quick Fix vs Long Term Cure?

In the fitness industry, there’s always people who want the superstar body, but they’re not willing to do the work necessary to get that superstar body.

It’s funny how that plan works?

Or doesn’t work?

How many people do you know or do you hear of who join a gym to get fit, but one month into their year-long membership, they’ve already stopped going to the gym and written off the membership as being at best “a good idea at the time” …

It’s said that most diets don’t work, but in reality, it’s the people beginning the dieting process that don’t stick to the diets that are the reason for the failure.

If somebody wants something so badly that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve what they want, then they will achieve that result.

But if they quit working towards that result, and they simply hope things will change, well guess what?

Nothing is going to change.

Some people join a gym to get themselves in shape so they look good on their wedding day…and they do in fact succeed at doing this.

And then straight after their wedding, they quit the gym, and they go back to doing what they used to do before they wanted to get fit, and all that good work is undone and things are just as they were… or worse?

And what’s the point of that?

Larry Winget said that if you really wanted things to be better you’d already be there doing the things that you needed to be doing, and the reason that you haven’t done those things is because deep down, you’re actually happy with your lot as it actually is… no matter how miserable that lot may look to someone else.

The thing is that if success was easy, everyone would be successful and would have done all that it takes to create that success and maintain that success.

The trouble is that success only comes to those who do the work necessary.

You can’t wish for success.

You can only wish for the wisdom to become motivated to take the actions necessary to travel the road to success, and to stay on that road to success.

The good news is that in business, the road to success has been travelled before, and there are people available to show you that road, and to help you navigate that road without detour and distraction.

All that you need to do is choose when you want to begin that journey.

Once you have chosen the road and the starting date, all you need to do is do everything that it takes to stay on that road.

Failure only comes when people behave themselves off the pathway to success.

Success will always be a result of doing the work required and of sticking to the plan.

Success is a reward for discipline.


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