Realising The True Value Of Dental Practice Ownership

Owning a Dental Practice and having a SUCCESSFUL dental practice is really like looking at an iceberg…there’s the piece that you can see above the waterline and then there’s everything below the waterline that you can’t see…

And the piece of the iceberg that is visible is really only about 10% of the iceberg…

Up there in that visible ten percent of your business people outside of your business are typically looking at tools and techniques and training and technology, and those things are important and helpful in owning and running a dental business, but there’s always much more involved in running a SUCCESSFUL practice that most people really don’t ever see….

And the truth is that it doesn’t matter how much wind you have blowing on the piece of the iceberg above the waterline, the iceberg is going to move in the direction of the base, and so it’s really about the things that are happening below the waterline.

And so with your business, just as it is with the iceberg, these things that are happening above the waterline, like the equipment, the technology and the education, are only valuable if the important things below the waterline are secure and in place.

Does that make sense?

And just as it is with an iceberg, with your business we can’t be shallow only.

If we stay shallow, our customers will always want to know our “best price” only, because what they see is the TANGIBLE part of our business, only.

But if we take our customers DEEPER, into the what our customers will experience and also feel, then it will be the INTANGIBLE and the TRANSFORMATIONAL that will have our patients and our customers truly understanding the CORE MEANING of the GUARRANTEED PROMISED RESULTS we can achieve for them and what it will truly mean to them to receive the benefits of those results.

And so we need to be able to go deep at the same time…

So, for the practice owner, immediately below the waterline are some things that are less tangible than tools and technology but are far more important.

These are the results in your practice that you as the practice owner should be promising to yourself, and that anybody working in your business should be promising to you, and those results are:

  • Demand, and having increased levels of demand and being recognised in the marketplace as an authority.
  • Increased conversion…being able to convert enquiries to your practice effortlessly and convert at will
  • Increased control… being totally in control of your dental schedule and activities, and have a deliberate production schedule that you can turn on and off at will.

Do these things make sense to you?

However, as important as increased demand, control, and conversion are, owning a successful dental practice isn’t really just about those three things, is it?

What would it mean for you, as the owner of your successful dental practice, if you had such an on point functioning in your business, that had you in demand and at an authority level, and conversions were effortless and control was complete?

What would that mean for you, really?

The thing is, I believe that great dental practices like yours that serve their patients and customers well, TRULY DESERVE to enjoy PRODUCTION CERTAINTY and UNLEASH THEIR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL.

As the business owner, isn’t that really all you want?

That the production activity in your business is certain so that you can build the rest of your business, and your lifestyle and your future, and your family’s future, with confidence, based on that future production?

We have a blueprint for your business that we’ve created specifically for dental practices to make this happen for you, and I’d love to walk through that blueprint with you if you’re interested?


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